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Light-bulbstuck on level 97 candy crush saga

by Terri Sharpe Riddle - Apr 04, 2013 Star_s370,471 views

I have literally been on this level for at least 3 weeks. The closest I got was 98,850 and that was only once in the first week. I have tried all kinds of combinations and they don't seem to net many points. I have used them, saved them until the end, everything. I do not want to buy more moves and may just give up on this game altogether.

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This is how I managed to pass Level 97. :) I must admit, it really felt like an act of the Tooth fairy with the awesome start. :D 

Just remember to get any Bombs down from the Upper right hand corner in order to match it to remove and you 'll be just fine, even if the tooth fairy isn't visiting your board. ;-) 


I was the same, go on to facebook and play the level there, I got through in about 2 attempts. So much easier.


we receive dozens of complaints regarding Level 97! in order to make many points you need to match the bombs - you get 3000 points for each bomb you eliminate! 4-match or color bombs are ideal while striped candies in the center of the board are also pretty effective! More tips: crushingcandies.com/candy-crush-saga-level-97/


You suppose to have 25 moves...I only get 17 moves and it stops on me , each time I play..what is up with that can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong



I am stuck in this level also. I actually got over the hundred thousand, and still had 6 moves left. It still ended the game and said I failed. Any advice about what was wrong?


I can't even get a game completed, after I have made a few moves, this thing pops up and wants me to buy more moves, I don't want to buy anything, I try to go back to the game, but the only way I can get that off of my screen is quit game, now what the heck is that!!!!!!!!!!' Game 97,,,,


I can't even get a game completed, after I have made a few moves, this thing pops up and wants me to buy more moves, I don't want to buy anything, I try to go back to the game, but the only way I can get that off of my screen is quit game, now what the heck is that!!!!!!!!!!'m


Level 97, I tried multiple times again, just do a few colour bomb (2-3) and consistent clearing of time bomb allows u to clear this level. http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-97.html

cathy Edwards, if u are asking about 95, its just to clear 2 ingredients, fairly straightforward game.

the only problem u may encounter is that the ingredient would have to go from the middle to the side, before they can be cleared by dropping through the bottom in either left or right.  the way to do it is make them drop to the side before using a striped + wrap combo to clear them down.

Go through my video for a better idea http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-95.html


Why does it end when I have 17 moves left?


I was very intimidated by level 97 and then my husband suggested I focus on making stripes and color bombs. I cleaned out my bombs without any stress and scored 175,000 points in no time! Of course, the candies may have just fallen in place for me, but I think he was right! He seems to have a special knack for this game.


I need help not exactly sure what u have to do on 95 can someone please help me


Start with getting rit of the bomb on the far right side. Then the try to make lots of combo (the one with the chocolate conbine with strip candy will give you a sure win) while destroying the bomb. It takes awhile but after 10 games or less you should get the hang of it. I did it in the third try. Some told me they did with more try


I cant believe it but I beat it FINALLY. This is what I did....I started the game off with a chocolate candy and the striped and wrapped candy. I beat the level with a score of 110,520. I also made sure I combined the chocolate candy with a striped candy one time and that gave me alot of points!!!
Good luck everyone!


No, no, no. The trick is cross a black polka dot candy with a bomb. Trust me on this one. Each candy the same color as the bomb will give you the same points as a bomb and you will clean up. You should easily get 200,000+ points this way. :)


It hasn't been 5 minutes that I passed it - been there over a month. Then I figured out that the only thing that gives enough points is to CRASH A BOMB WITH A COLOR CANDY (that comes out of 5 candies ) !!!!!!!!! Every bomb in display is crushed and givesa 3065.. (?) points !! The same goes for 98 and probably every level with bombs ??


Here a How to Do level 97! Hope this helps you!

Good luck!


Strange but try it on computer instead of mobile
i was stuck for 1 week playing this level on iphone then i tried it on laptop. managed to get 146k in first attempt.


93+K was the farthest I've been in this level.. And like you I've tried the different combinations already but didn't work to have at least 100K flat.. LoL! Once I'll get a score like you had, I'll attempt to buy more moves.. Haha! Anyway, as they say, NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! ((:

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