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Question-whiteHow do I get past the trees, in the animal rune maze, to get to the little dragons??

by Tara McKenzie McBride - Apr 05, 2013 Star_s1,399 views

I'm stuck and can't get past the trees (which show a label of 0/200 when I point to them), to get to the little dragon... 0/200 what?? what do I need? What am I missing? How do I get past them??

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12-em-plus add reply

sorry i cant help you with that but maybe you wouldnt mind telling where the manor is thanks alot cathy


When you stand next to a creature in the maze, various foods at the bottom of the screen will be highlighted. You must feed these to the trees, dryads, unicorns and dragons in the maze. Each creature has an amount it needs to be fed, for example, the tree needs 200 points of food. The first item gives 50 points and renews every 10 minutes. The second item gives 150 points and renews every 30 minutes. The rest you must either buy or find, but they grant as much as 1000 points of food.

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