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Light-bulb1. How to Contact Support, 2. Act of Territorial Expansion, 3. How to Expand your Warehouse

by BJ Stap - Apr 10, 2013 Star_s13,728 views

MegaOpolis players: From Support Center:
Dear User,
Thank you for your request.

1. Act of Territorial Expansion is a document which can be given to your friends or to you from your friends as a gift. It is stored in your storehouse if you accept it as a gift and once you have enough of Acts for a certain expansion, you can buy the expansion for the Acts. You can also sell one Act for 100 coins. The amount of Acts needed for a certain expansion is stated next to the corresponding expansions when you enter the Expansions menu.

The Buy button on your screenshot is grayed out because your megabucks balance is inadequate, a 19x19 expansion requires 5 megabucks.

2. In order to expand your Warehouse you should open the Warehouse window and click on the Add 1 place for 1 button. Please, note that each place costs 1 megabuck.

In case you have any further questions, please, let us know.

Best regards,
Megapolis Support

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12-em-plus add reply

After building for months, level 116 and 32m inhabitants, I was totally in shock this morning..... Everything is gone...... i have to start over again! Can annyone help me?


Hi, sorry but I was not able to answer yesterday. Go to the game and click on (open) the expansion tab (the X shaped thingy on the bottom right of the screen). You see see options, paper, people, cash, paper (last paper is a larger size expansion), the paper images are the Territorial Expansion Acts.


i cannot find Act of Territorial Expansion anywhere to send or receive. where are they located?

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