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Chart_bar Level # of people stuck
1 Level 160 777 people
2 Level 124 776 people
3 Level 115 431 people
4 Level 161 368 people
5 Level 302 273 people

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Level Check! We have tips up to level 585! Is there an even higher level? Awesome! What's the highest level? Should be higher than level 585!

Light-bulbFarm Heroes Saga - the Blogging Witches. are excited about this new game!

by Mainewil Peetra - Apr 14, 2013 Star_s452 views

We, the Blogging Withces that works with guides and vids for Bubble Witch Saga Feel the awesomeness of Farm Heroes Saga and have decided to take up doing vids and guides for Farm Hero Saga too! Read about our first opinions and insights about Farm Heroes Saga HERE! --> http://bubble-witch-saga.se/farm-heroes-saga-king-made-this-for-bubblers-play-it/

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