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Light-bulbHow to do do level 102!?

by Kaiwah Tao - Apr 14, 2013 Star_s292,336 views

Level 102!

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its all about special candies...especially vertical striped candies, but your going to need a nice wrapped candy/striped candy combo or even a striped/color bomb combo to really make things move. You can check out my resource at


Hi Kaiwah, this level 102 is a beast. I used ReadyGamer's strategy on and was able to beat the level after a couple days when I finally figured it out.

Don't let the chocolate scare you. Try to line up a striped+wrapped combo before you start opening up the chocolate and that will really help.


Barriers, time bomb and chocolates are a deadly combo. With time bomb exploding in 5 moves, by the last 2 moves should clear it. However the main idea is to destroy the obstacle as well as chocolate below. Keep in mind that the most combo cannot hit through the black obstacle, hence the chocolate wont be hit. Trick is to make a few vertical striped candy on the top, once u used one, see if any simple candy combination can be used in the bottom to clear the chocolates, else use other verticals to hit.

See how this is done here


Candy Crush Level 102 is SO HARD! Then I stopped worrying about the chocolate and focused on making vertical combos


Here's a good vid for how to DO level 102! good luck! + (2 chocoball combo:D)
(bigscreen youtube)


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