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Light-bulbHelp reset time

by Evelyn Neal - Apr 17, 2013 Star_s44,083 views

I did the time cheat but accidentally moved the year. Any way to reset the time on the game so I can play again this year?

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12-em-plus add reply

I almost feel sorry hah, because I posted it! But it's harmless indeed, like what mainewil said.. Anyway .. If you Play this on an ipod/ipad/iphone .. check this vid:

The bottom line is.. If you've to wait for a year orso.. Just Go to your date&time.. You switch the date 2years ahead(just more than a year).. So Now you don't have to wait for lives anymore right!?(you actually do this cheat again)

But now.. You switch back the time to normal BEFORE you use Any of the lives!!:) ..

If you don't switch back the time BEFORE you use any of the lives .. you've to wait for a long long time indeed:(!


Put the time back to normal at your mobile device, then double check that you have connected your game to facebook. After you have checked that you have the game connected you remove the Candy Crush app completely from your device and reinstall it. When it is reinstalled you just reconect to facebook and all your progress should be back to normal alongside with the lives building up in 30 minutes.

this seem to be a harmless cheat, otherwise we wouldn't allow it here at GU! but it has indeed caused quite a lot of troubles for unexperienced users. I suggest that you don't use cheats or suspicious tips at all, if you aren't an experienced user. 


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