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Question-whitehow to use bee hives

by Di Lovesanfo Gore - Apr 19, 2013 Star_s8,140 views

just wondering if anyone knows how to use the bee hive as it says to do it in a mission

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12-em-plus add reply

after i stored couple of my hives I can't seem to place them back on my land. It won't let me :( what to do!!!


Slight problem, I can't FIND any bee hives or honey combs... where do we get them?


@julie. You have to collect the correct combination of honey combs via the beehive. If you double click on the beehive it opens up and shows you what you need. Same as all the other collection items like the creamery, spinning wheel etc.


I cannot find any bee hives, i have the bee box 12/12 honey combs 112 jars of honey, i search inventory and farm for hives , i cant complete last tasks cos i need bee hives.


@Ina Olivier - When your Bee Hives are ready to have Honey added to them, a small Honey icon will be displayed over them. Simply click the Bee Hive and you will then add Honey to them, at which point they will be ready to Fertlize your plots.


How do you use that Honey to tend to your Bee Hives?


You need to collect Honey from your Bee Box by harvesting crops on your farm. You then use that Honey to tend to your Bee Hives. Once you have done that, you select your Bee Hive and then select an unfertilized plot on your farm. The bees will then fertlize four of your plots for you.


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