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Light-bulbLet's share strategies

by Morgan Frei - Apr 20, 2013 Star_s4,555 views

I have 2 strategies

1-The classical "play least bet and try to stay at the game as much as possible".This one works always, nearly impossible that you are out of coins.

2-If you are short at money, move to a crowded room, and wait for others' mega wins and don't forget "props".Never forget, more they have, better bets they try and always the team wins.

3-If you have completed all quests and completed collections, try high bets . This is risky , but once you hit the luck, you will love it.

what about pet selection ? Please share your results.

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12-em-plus add reply

For players like myself that have not hit the BIG ONE yet. Use your free spins in the HIGH ROLLER room. Be patient and click on as many PROPS as possible before using the free spin(s). It pays off.....lots of gems and you may even get items you need. Patience is the key here.


The Flip cards are i think, if you played just say 5 days in a row, you flip 5 cards but you can not go over 6 Flips what i do is flip first card if it gives you 50 coins go up next level and you should get some good coins


A flip card game opened up for getting bonus coins. Anyone know why some players got this and some didn't? thanks


Because you don't need to press it for the xp and gems :P All people getting big / megs wins does it move you closer to the boss, if you look at the bar you have to fill until you reach the boss there are little '?' in blue circles, when someone gets a big/mega win it simply takes you to them or even past them if you're quite close to one, so you end up getting the experience and gems whether someone gets big wins or not


i dont press the props button and they still drop stars and gems.


When you get stunned by a boss, to end it quicker use the mouse click and the space bar, gets you back up almost instantly


For pets, I buy all & use the best for each game. When u win the quests that frees up a pet, I use that one right away as gives more in experience, gems & so on.


With props, never have noticed getting any coins, just gems & stars, but I got those without pressing props button. I must have never gotten to give props since I don't recall getting any coinage back. Some zynga games just don't work right for me. Down to cafe & just started this couple days ago. Already trying to crash on me tho.


A sign with a players name along with a "PROPS" button will show up on the left side of the game screen when you see someone passes you by fast because they got a nice spin. Just press props and collect the bonus they spill for you.


they give you extra coins if people give them to you and you give them extra if you click on theirs


what are props, and what are they good for

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