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Light-bulbNeed friends on zombie lane!

by Savannah Pollak - Apr 20, 2013 Star_s278 views

Please reply with your friend code and I'll add you! Thank you!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Friend codes are on the smartphone version, not Facebook. Go to Neighbourhood, Connectivity and you will see "My friend code: XXXXX" and the "Add friend" button. Mine is 417 611707, please add me people!


my friend code is 552744109


Jason, I think it is your facebook code, but not real sure


I will add you if you tell me what a "friend code" is. Three times I have posted "What is a "friend code" and how does it work? in the lame ZL Group on Facebook and no one will answer. I play ZL on my smartphone and on the FB app and nowhere can I find an reference to a "friend code." What is a Friend Code????


My friend code is 512743632

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