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Light-bulbBest Prized Animals for Experience in Animal Sheds

by Karen Dandy - Apr 21, 2013 Star_s7,134 views

Just thought I would put a guide to what is best to go in your animal houses, especially for those times there is a hack working and you can manage to collect a choice animal wandering around a neighbours farm

Black Nubian Goat 150
Boer Goat150
LaMancha Goat 150
Corsican Goat 150
Alpine Goat 145
Chocolate LaMancha Goat 145
Angora Goat 120
Pygora Goat 115
Kinder Goat 115
Ibex 110
Mummy Goat 110
Pygmy Goat90
Nubian Goat 72
Saneen Goat 36

Polish Silver laced 150
Bock Beard 100
Silkie Chicken 95
Faverolles 95
Blue jersey giant 95
Columbia Plymouth rock 85
Crele Orpington 85
Plymouth rock 85
Speckled Sussex Chicken 85
Hubbard Chicken 75
Ameraucana 75
Black leghorn 65
Gold laced cochin 48
Rhode island red 23

Black welsh mountain sheep 110
Galway sheep 105
Red Karaman sheep 105
Black Nose Valais Sheep 105 (warning takes approx twice the feed compared to other 105)
Daglic sheep 105
Himalayan Blue sheep 105
White Ouessant 100
Cheviot Sheep 100
Jacob sheep 90
Portland sheep 90
Lincoln Sheep 90
Cosplay Sheep 83
Katahdin sheep 83
Teddy sheep 72
Merino sheep 59
Manx Loaghtan sheep 50
White sheep 35

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12-em-plus add reply

The above was written 18 months ago. Thinks have changed since then and not for the better !!!


My prized animals don't get this xp, my white chiken give me only 3xp and red goat 14xp :(


One note of caution..............

Some of the higher XP animals also require you to use more Animal Feed. In addition, they also tend to give low amounts Coins, if any at all, and can sometimes also give less of the consumable for that Prized Animal class. Just something to keep in mind when deciding what animals you might want to put in your Prized buildings.


Love this as I'm trying to organize my pasture along with my shelters. Didn't even think about it exp wise until now. Been more working on trying to get all my ribbons to blue first. I'd love to see someone possibly update this if possible. I took a break from the game for awhile and am just coming back so I'm feeling disorganized with all my animals and such. Great job!!


Prized Carmel Pygora Goat (from Sweetheart Tree) is 100xp. I had one in my goat shelter thinking it was worth keeping, buts it not. Your best bet is to just fill with Boer or LaMancha goats


Thanks, very good info to have on hand.

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