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Question-whiteLink Exchange for Royal Story

by Lee Babbage II - Apr 24, 2013 Star_s7,335 views

Does anyone know if they are going to make a link exchange for this game? It would be awesome if they did dont ya think? and what is up with it not snagging is it not that popular of a game i think its way better than castleville..... LOL

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12-em-plus add reply

Link Exchange for Royal Story is now available :)


link exchange is not good here. i tried gameskip its much better..


Hi Sarah, the link exchange like Coasterville/Farmville2 is possible because it's supported on the Snag Bar. Currently we don't support Royal Story on the Snag Bar so it's the manaul way. It should be relatively easy to support Royal story if you can't select specific items (grab all) though.



Please can we get a proper Link exchange like coasterville/farmville etc


My apologies, but I'm only just now seeing your responses to my previous question. I have asked the admins to create a Link Exchange for this game.


@Alan Please add Royal Story to Link Exchange as it works for 'non facebook friends'.


Link exchange DOES work...but GU doesn't have a link exchange? odd...very very odd....


@Jeanette Andreas - As I previously asked, does Royal Story allow non-Facebook Friends to click each others' links? This is the ONLY way a Link Exchange would work. Popularity has NOTHING to do with it. A game can have 500 million people playing it, but if it doesn't allow non-Facebook Friends to click each others' links then it won't support a Link Exchange.


ok more people r playing royal story please start it up on link exchange thank u


ok thank you i was wondering hopefully it gets popular but we will see


Link Exchange: Does Royal Story allow non-Facebook Friends to click on each others' links? This is the only way a Link Exchange would work.

Snag Bar: We do tend to focus on the more popular games when it comes to adding to the Snag Bar because of all the time and effort it takes to create, and maintain, a game. If this game improves in popularity, then we can take a look to see if it's even possible to add it.

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