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Light-bulbSpirit Totems - The Totem Workshop

by Tonya Collins - Apr 25, 2013 Star_s3,064 views


Laughing Bear made a journey to the homestead to show us an ancient secret. Totems are the reason for all their success. Build Spirit Totems and reap the benefits!

-Gated at level 18
-New Free Gift crop – Indian Paintbrush (6 hour harvest)
-Lumber Totem - instantly makes 1 lumber tree fully grown & heals chops, expires in 40 hours or after 5 tends
-Animal Totem - instantly makes 4 animals fully grown & ready, expires in 60 hours or after 6 tends
-Crop Totem - instantly makes 8 surrounding crops ready, expires in 80 ours or after 7 tends
-Wrapper Mission to be released on Monday



I. Spiritual Boost
-Tend Adult Sheep 15 times
-Harvest 20 Cranberries
-Place the Totem Workshop
Rewards:3 Spirit Feed, Unlock Animal Crystal, Animal Totem

2. Animal Instinct
-Use the Animal Totem Boost
-Heal Two Lost Souls
-Upgrade the Totem Workshop
Rewards: 5 Indian Paintbrushes, Quick Draw Quaff, Unlock Crop Crystal
Notes: Surround the Totem with Animals and collect it's bonus to use the Animal Totem Boost. Lost Souls are healed with 10 Spirit Feed (Wall Post).

3. Powerful Stones
-Craft a Crop Spirit Crystal
-Harvest 20 Indian Paintbrushes
-Upgrade the Totem Workshop
Rewards: Spicy Deer Jerky, 5 Bamboo, 5 Steel Forges
Notes: A Crop Crystal is crafted from the Totem Menu. Indian Paintbrushes are a free gift.

4. Quick Crops
-Build a Crop Spirit Totem
-Activate a Crop Spirit Totem
-Upgrade the Totem Workshop
Rewards: Eagles Nest, Aged Salmon, 5 Indian Paintbrush
Notes: Totems are in the Market, build a Crop Spirit one by slotting in the Crop Crystal you got from the previous mission.

5. Unlock The Forest
-Collect 30 Ceremonial Pigments
- Tend Eagles Nests 8 Times
-Finish the Totem Workshop
Rewards: Animal Spirit Crystal, Crop Whisperer, Lumber Crystals Unlocked
Notes: Ceremonial Pigments drop from Indian Paintbrushes. Eagles Nests are a mission reward.

Wrapper: Totem Power - Scheduled to release Monday April 29
-Tend Spirit Ravens 6 Times
-Tend Spirit Hawks 4 Times
-Recharge Spirit Totems 5 Times
Rewards: 1 Giant Cornucopia, 2 Animal Totem Crystals, Totems become 50% more powerful
Notes: Spirit Ravens and Hawks come from Lost Souls. Recharge a Totem from it's menu once it's depleted.

The Totem Workshop Building Guide

Stage One
5 Adzes - Crafted
5 Bark Chippers - Crafted
8 Animal Spells - Wall Post
6 Animal Instinct - Direct Request
8 Loyal Leash - Adult Cows
10 Animal Claws - Grass Debris
Crafting: Each Adze requires 4 Thick Poles (non-sapling Oaks) and 6 Pounded Iron ( Request)
Each Chipper requires 5 Firm Grips (Cocoa Trees) and 6 Jagged Blades (Request)

Stage Two
8 Detailing Knives - Crafted
10 Artist Saws - Crafted
15 Carving Stands - Request
12 Totem Books - Request
12 Wood Sealers - Sheep
15 Finishing Oil - Chickens
Crafting: Each Knife requires 3 Horn Handles (Goats) and 5 Fine Blades (Request)
Each Saw requires 5 Handle Frames (Imported Tangerine Trees) and 5 Bendable Blades ( Request)

Stage Three
8 Traditional Axes - Crafted
8 Bark Chippers - Crafted
14 Crop Spells -Request
12 Crop Extractors - Request
12 Early Harvest - Fig Trees
18 Ancient Sickles - Sugar Cane
Crafting: Each Axe requires 4 Curved Sticks (Bamboo), 10 Tuff Twine ( Request) and 5 Sharp Obsidian (Request)
Each Chipper requires 5 Firm Grips (Cocoa Trees) and 6 Jagged Blades (Request)

Stage Four
10 Carving Benches - Crafted
12 Artist Saws - Crafted
25 Lumber Spells - Request
18 Wood Extractors - Request
15 Cords of Wood - Request
25 Ancient Axe - Maize
Crafting: Each Bench requires 6 Stone Wheels (Sieve Stations), 6 Wheel Stands and 6 Sturdy Tabletops , both requested.
Each Saw requires 5 Handle Frames (Imported Tangerine Trees) and 5 Bendable Blades , requested.

Totem Guide

1.Each Totem must be crafted. Each starts with a standard base:

12 Ceremonial Pigments - Indian Paintbrush
5 Shaman Spirit Spells - Request
4 Totem Tools - Crafted
10 Stone Presses - Clearing Rocks
6 Gathered Spirits - Request
4 Woodworking Tools - Crafted
Crafting:  Each Totem Tool requires 5 Chisel Chips (Non-Sapling Pines) and 5 Sharp Saws (Requested)
Each Woodworking Tool requires 5 Native Chisel Tools (Steel Forges) and 5 Sanding Stones (Requested) 

2. Next they must be powered up with a Spirit Crystal:

Animal Crystal
Action: Makes 4 Animals Surrounding the Totem grow instantly (6 after the wrapper is completed)
Duration: 60 hours or after 6 tends

Each Animal Crystal Requires 20 Crystal Shards (Squash), 30 Nature Spirits (Requested) and 14 Animal Essence ( Requested)

Crops Crystal
Action: Makes 8 Crops surrounding the Totem grow instantly (12 after the wrapper is completed)
Duration: 80 hours or after 7 tends

Each Crop Crystal Requires 24 Crystal Shards (Squash), 36 Nature Spirits (Wall Post) and 16 Plant Essence (Request) 

Lumber Crystal
Action: Makes 1 Lumber Tree surrounding the Totem grow instantly (2 after the wrapper is completed)
Duration: 40 hours or after 5 tends

Each Lumber Crystal requires 16 Crystal Shards (Squash), 24 Nature Spirits (Request ) and 12 Wood Essence ( Request)

3. Once you have used up the tends, you can replace the Crystal with a new one for another set of tends.

4. If you leave the Totem for too long unpowered it can wither, 60 hours for Animals, 80 hours for Crops, 40 hours for Lumber. Then it turns grey and dull. You can rejuvenate a withered Totem but it takes TWO of the Crystals instead of one.




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