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Light-bulbGoogle Chrome Snag Bar

by Sara Miner Harakas - Apr 26, 2013 Star_s3,294 views

I switched to Google Chrome at the insistence of Live Chat Support. I was having trouble in Pioneer Trail, which is the only game I still play now, and was told that their games work better in Chrome.

I then downloaded the Snag Bar for Google Chrome, and went through all the stuff to set up active friends, etc. When I am in the game, and try to load active friends, it say connect with Facebook which I do, but a list does not come up.

Also, I never had any problems snagging for the send one get one items, but in Google Chrome, I am not receiving any of the things I ask for. I have checked all the appropriate things I want to snag.

I have been trying to finish the turkey track for over 2 months, and in that time, I have snagged 4 golden leafs. I think you have to have about 160 total in order to make 10 wreaths. I am also not

snagging brass horse hook, I think needed to upgrade the stable, or walnut boards, among a host of other things.

Am I doing something wrong or what. I have done the thing on facebook to post to PT friends.


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12-em-plus add reply

Sara, do you or a family member use the same computer to log into another Facebook account?


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