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Question-whiteStock Exchange terms- how does it work?

by Susie Hargis - Apr 27, 2013 Star_s14,828 views

How does the new Stock Exchange work? Do decide how much to spend? It just shows my Megabucks balance. I don't want to spend it all.

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12-em-plus add reply

Hi, I've been having this problem as well so I contacted Megapolis support here is the reply I got...

"Stock Exchange gives you the opportunity to receive coins for points scored, experience, wages and materials. To start the game, you first need to build the Stock Exchange. Having built it, you can play for free once. Items are typed automatically. Having built the Bank of America and the Federal Reserve, you can play 2 more games for free per day, the game is available for further Megabucks. In a day you can play for free 3 times. To gain more points, you need to continue to play, without leaving the game. If you have played once and left the game, then when you come back the game points are not cumulative, and will be counted again from zero.

Bank of America and the Federal Reserve will be available for construction only after the construction of the Stock Exchange. The stock market can be found in the "Structures" in the "Extra." Having built the Federal Reserve and the Bank of America, you can play another 2 free games per day. That is, if you play three times in a row without taking a prize, then you can dial from 3 to 30 points. When you exit from the exchange you get a reward, but the points have to be counted from zero."

Hope this helps!

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