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Light-bulblevel 215 HELP

by Tatjana Bozic - Apr 28, 2013 Star_s2,701 views

Can anyone please help me in how to get through the rubber balls at start of game in level 215 as it seems I dont have enough coins and it appears the only way to get through rubber balls would be one of the orbs. Any hints????

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12-em-plus add reply

for level 217 you need the x3 multiplier enabled at the beginning and the orb +5 wealth. Watch the video on youtube for level 217 here is the link:


yeah dead easy the one ball thats at the bottom add more on an angle and then use the fire ball


how did you got 40 billion free coins ?? for lvl 215 you have to buy ball with lightening.


I'm also stuck at 215. I was lucky to get the 40 billion free coins awhile back, so I have won everything in the tournaments, but nothing is available to get through the rubber balls. Does anyone have an answer to this?????

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