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Light-bulbPrized Rabbit Hutch

by Karen Dandy - Apr 28, 2013 Star_s328 views

Apparently we get the Rabbit Hutch for prized rabbits this week.

Whilst waiting for them it may be worth starting to "shop" for the higher experienced prized rabbits hopping around the farms of others.

Black Otter Dwarf 95
Dwarf Lop 95
Snowshoe 85
Grey cottontail 85

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12-em-plus add reply

Horse stable or barn would be nice.


Cheers karen! I hadn't thought about it to be honest as i have at least a dozen prized rabits stored but may get some out for looters.


I have put out my two prized lop rabbits, and there are two on Barbara's farm too. In case you are using the trick to loot other peoples farm Lois.


Definately one coming at some point, one of my neighbours has 3 but I suspect they use every cheat possible since they are level 80 already and have loads of wells and silos stacked up.

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