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Light-bulbstuck on level 14

by Mary Parish - Apr 29, 2013 Star_s30,467 views

need help on level 14

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I used the tips on http://readygamer.com/candy-crush-level-14-tips/ and was able to beat level 14 with 3 stars. Try to concentrate on clearing the jellies in the bottom left jellies first, and if you see any moves in the middle jellies definitely take those whenever you can.

A few cascades will definitely help you in this round, so keep trying to clear candies towards the bottom and wait for those combos.


Make matches wherever the grey fuzzy jellie is. A match above the jelly will remove it. The striped candies also works very well, especially when you are going for the 3 Stars Score. :) I made this video for you to help. :)

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