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Question-whiteWhen are they going to come back out with Nurserys to grow those calves and foals instead of $$

by Karin Johnson - Apr 29, 2013 Star_s12 views

i know alot of my friends that are on ssi and disabled or retired dont have the $$ but dont mind spending the time needed to click or work on a nursery barn but they dont exist wish we could earn one from zynga or something, the coin thing has changed too now used to be if you had about 12 coins earned you could buy something with that for your farm what happened to that?

Last question is why doesnt farmville, let you regift more than 3 times, farmville, is based on sharing it would make the game alot more fun if you can share what you dont do or use with others? What say you?

One tip i learned is to make a list on your home screen on the left called friends make one for groups of people or just one player then when you share if your auto share is off, you can use the pull down screen on share and give to that person on a list. very handy for regifting something they desperately need, I love the open communication from my small group of friends knowing they can ask and others watch what they ask for then regift to that person. Makes it so much more personal and enjoyable any questions on stuff like that just send me a message, your friend karin

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