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Light-bulbARTICLE: Zynga will shutter Empires & Allies, Dream Zoo, and Zynga City this quarter

by Alan Attebery - Apr 30, 2013 Star_s1,513 views

Posted by by Brandy Shaul at Games.com.

​Just days after learning that Zynga will close The Ville on Facebook on June 24, we've learned that three other games are also being shuttered sometime this quarter.

The news comes by way of Zynga's Q1 2013 earnings call, during which Zynga's Chief Operations Officer David Ko announced that Empires & Allies, Dream Zoo, and Zynga City on Tencent will join The Ville on Zynga's "closed games" list sometime in Q2. In other words, all three games will be shut down sometime before the end of June, when Q2 ends.

For now, the Empires & Allies Facebook page and game forums are still silent on the matter, and players can load the game as normal. Dream Zoo on mobile also appears to be running as normal, and there's no mention of the closure of that game on the Zynga forums either.

It's likely that at least Empires & Allies players will receive some sort of compensation package when that game closes, similar to how The Ville players can choose a free package of something in some other popular Zynga games. We'll stay on top of things and will bring you more concrete closure news (and dates) as soon as Zynga announces them. For now, you might hold off on spending any additional money in these games since you likely won't receive a refund when they shut down.

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NOTE: Gamers Unite! will continue to maintain all of our Empires & Allies tools until the game is officially shut down.


Will empires and allie came back?


I'am sad to know today that this game will close , i was so loving it!! Like TheVille! Why Zynga is doing this anyway ? i dont understand...Zynga has close so many games : vampire wars , theville, cityville2 , mafiawars2, empires and allies, .... R.i.p to theses games! I miss you!


Personally, I never spent anything on any Zynga game, but I'm just one. A code ninja friend of mine told me that Zynga calls people who spend more than $1000/month on their games "whales". They may exist, but like blue whales they may be so rare as to be presumed extinct. Zynga is in this business to make money, and giving away games that, like E&A, allow free riders like me to reach, as I have, level 76 without being forced to pay to proceed is obviously a failing business strategy. I don't like to see any business fail, but I do not consider it to be my job to support Zynga when they give away so many free game features. R.I.P. E&A, I'll get my life back.


Alan there is a new group "Save Empires and Allies" and they are accepting any new members.Please, as Moderator, share this with all those who use Gamer's Unite and maybe we can delay their decision or at least they will sell E&A to another gaming source- Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/444772808947370/ Also if players weigh in on Marc Pinkus' (Co-founder of Zynga) Twitter page this could also lead to a change: https://twitter.com/markpinc Thank you for any help you can give as Gamer's Unite has many members that can help possibly save E&A!

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