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Light-bulbTips & Tactics for High Scores!

by Chao Lam - May 01, 2013 Star_s5,544 views
  • Try to master one scene to at least 5 stars before moving on to the next scene. You'll forget where the items are fast, so mastering it in one go is the quickest way to mastery. Also, you'll unlock the most items after 5 stars which lead to the highest possible scores
  • Try doing to the speed "45 secs round" with the scene that you just mastered (with 5 stars). Each 45 secs round is always matched with the more basic round, so do that first until you get to 5 stars
  • Only use the +6 boost after you have mastered 5 stars

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12-em-plus add reply

it's getting boring playing the same scene over and over for a few days, i mean you need a lot of energy to do that and it will just slow you down in the case

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