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Question-whitehow do I add ppl I dont know to my game friends?

by Tina Hofmeister Barnes - May 02, 2013 Star_s3,319 views

I need more friends for criminal case but dont want to bother my fb friends. how do I add strangers that want added? or can ppl add me to theirs?

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12-em-plus add reply

Add me please

Add me please, my facebook link below;


Add me I play every day and need friends to get all the trophies!!


plz add me in your team in criminal case


Please add me


Add me as ur teammate i am a daily player i need friends


No. There is no way to add people to your game without first adding them as a friend on your Facebook. What you can do though is make a new list in your Facebook, in which you add all the people who play the game. Change the settings in the "App Settings" so that the game only posts to the list you have created. Doing this will definitely ensure that your other fb friends are not bothered. Cheers.


go to the ADD ME page (above next to the green +) and you will see a list of people who want to be added, click on then and go to their fb page and send them a friend request.


I have the same problem. Have you figured it out yet?


Can you add people to the game and not your fb page....I do not want anyone I do not know on my fb page. Thanks :)


just simply send them a fb friend request
add me () will gladly help out with reports.

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