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Light-bulbSpring Flowers Celebration

by Tonya Collins - May 03, 2013 Star_s2,429 views


Spring Time means Flowesr Time! Join in the fun by building the sunset flower celebration display and crafting bright and beautiful displays for the homestead! We will see 8 missions that will release 2 a day over the next 4 days and 3 wrapper missions. The missions can be started from inside the Spring Flower Celebrations Display. The petals that we will receive for completing the missions will allow us to purchase items inside the new petal market!

Inside the market there are new flower bed decorations as well as light and dark cactus displays. These are crafted by growing flowers from the pots in the market and petal market. Each of those act like a healable animal and are grown with floral filling . Floral filling is crafted with 3 rich soil (drop from sunflowers/sunny poppies), and 2 special seeds (wall post).

The sunlit pot requires 6 floral filling , the moonlit pot takes 7 and the cactus bed takes 8.

-Gated at level 18
-New Free Gift crop – Sunny Poppy (1 hour harvest)
-New Collection – Sunset
-Day Pot takes 6 Floral Filling, Night takes 7, Cactus takes 8


Day 1

1. Makin' Mama Proud
-Collect the Bonus from the Sunset Display
-Gather 10 Spotty Sunflowers
-Collect 6 Amber Sprays
Rewards: 3 Escargot Boosts, 2 Marigolds, 20 Petals
Notes: The Sunset Display is in the Market. Spotty Sunflowers drop from Marigolds or Mixed Tulips. Amber Sprays are requested.

2. Out A Bonnet On It
-Gather 10 Granny's Bonnets
-Gather 30 Blush Fragrances
-Grow a Sunlit Pot
Rewards: 3 Wildflowers, Floral Filling, 40 Petals
Notes: Granny's Bonnets come from Wildflowers. Blush Fragrances drop from Passion Flowers. Sunlit Pots are grown with 6 Floral Filling.

Day 2

3. Lovely Lilting Lillies
-Collect Star Lily Bonuses 30 Times
-Collect 12 Orange Rubs
-Grow a Flower from a Moonlit Pot
Rewards: Frontier Fritter, White Dogwood Tree, 50 Petals
Notes: Star Lillies are in the Market. Orange Rubs are Requested. Moonlit Pots are grown with 7 Floral Filling.

4. Mist By A Rose (x3)
-Collect 25 Edged Roses
-Collect 15 Dogwood flowers
-Craft 5 Auto Misters
Rewards: Cactus Pot, 100 Petals, Random Reward
Notes: Edged Roses drop from Sparkling Roses and Pink Roses. Dogwood Flowers come from Dogwood Trees. Misters are crafted.
Crafting: Each Mister requires 9 Perfect Prickers, 6 Green Hoses (Wall Post) and 8 Timers (Direct Request)

**Completing Missions 1-4 at least once each gives 2 Flying Foxes.

Day 3

5. Goin' Batty
-Chop Fully Grown Oaks 20 times
-Collect 3 Pollen Dusts
-Craft 7 Hideaway Homes
Rewards: Fully Grown Oak, 2 Floral Filling, 120 Petals
Notes: Pollen Dusts drop from Flying Foxes, these are rewards for completing missions 1-4.
Crafting: Each Home requires 6 Aged Bird Homes (Wall Post), 6 Bat Perches (Direct Requests) and 5 Seeds 'n' Berries (Blueberries)

6. Punctual Perennials (x3)
-Harvest 20 Lilacs
-Craft 3 Painted Pots
-Craft 6 Auto Misters
Rewards: 5 Sunflower Readies, 130 Flower Petals, Random Reward
Notes: Painted Pots and Autom Misters are crafted.
Crafting: Each Pot requires 3 Coffee Cans (Coffee Trees) and 4 Glossy Paint (Direct Requests)
Each Mister requires 9 Perfect Prickers (drop from prickly pear cactus), 6 Green Hoses (Wall Post) and 8 Timers (Direct Request)

Day 4

7. Floral Fauna
-Gather 12 Baby Bats
-Collect 8 Batty Seeds
-Craft 8 Hideaway Homes
Rewards: 2 Chocolate Rushes, Cactus Display, 140 Petals
Notes: Baby Bats come from Fully Grown Pine Trees. Batty Seeds are requested. Hideaway Homes are crafted.
Crafting: Each Home requires 6 Aged Bird Homes (Wall Post), 6 Bat Perches (Direct Requests) and 5 Seeds 'n' Berries (Blueberries)

8. Queen of the Night (x4)
-Collect 4 Deep Petals
-Grow a Cactus Pot
-Craft 5 Hanging Baskets
Rewards: Crop Whisperer, 180 Flower Petals, Random Reward
Notes: Deep Petals drop from Day and Night Beds. Cactus Posts are in the Market and grown with 8 Floral Filling. Hanging Baskets are Crafted.
Crafting: Each Basket requires 16 Beaten Baskets (Direct Request), 8 Wire Supports (Wall Post) and 7 Screw Hooks (Tin Forges).

**Completing Missions 5-8 at least once each gives 3 Petal Sheep.

Wrapper 1 Plethora of Petals
-Craft a Bright and Dark Display
-Complete Mission IV, Mist By A Rose, 3 times
-Collect 1'000 petals
Rewards: 15'000XP, Petal Swan, 300 Petals
Notes: Displays are crafted with flowers that grow from Pots. Missions are started from inside the Sunset Display. Petals are rewards from completing the missions.

Wrapper 2 Keep Petalling
- Complete Mission VI, Punctual Perennials, 3 times
-Complete Mission VIII, Queen of the Night, 4 times
-Have 2'500 Petals
Rewards: 25'000 XP, 25 Horseshoes, Petal Horse
Notes: Missions are started from inside the Sunset Display. Petals are rewards from completing the missions.

Wrapper: 3 (Petal Peddler Releases on Monday May 6)
-Tend Petal Sheep 30 Times
-Buy the Cherry Flowers and Hungry Trap in the Petal Market
-Feed Three Variations of Cactus
Rewards: 3 Mystery Animal Crates, 5 Crop Whisperers, Midnight Queen
Notes: Petal Sheep are a mission reward and available in the Petal Market, as are Cheery Flowers, Hungry Traps and Cactus Pots.

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