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Question-whiteSalt..Salt and Salt..buying without staffing

by Hope Believe - May 05, 2013 Star_s2,000 views

Zynga let us buy salt with coins or heart... without staffing or visiting's annoying!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

I agree however i have also had a conversation with them on the contact page with live chat and this and other concerns have been raised with them can only hope that they will act on them there will be no more salt crystals as some chefs according to them were abusing it so thanks to those idiots who have ruined it for others!!!!!


Totally agree, never use my hearts and very rarely coins, always at max for both! Takes so long to visit neighbors especially when computer freezes or game crashes. PLEASE ZYNGA!!


I agree.
we have a lot of game money and heart!!


I 100% agree, I don't know what's the point to get salt by visiting neighbors? In order to get it without freezing the game I just go to my lowest level neighbors feeling bored and annoyed, not fun anymore.


i agree my computer freezes every time i try to go to my neighbors to get salt and pepper its really annoying

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