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Question-whiteHow much is ur "gold shovel" 75000?? or 200000??

by Virginia Lyn Freelon - May 06, 2013 Star_s1,599 views

On the blog it states it is 200000. see here>

However mine cost 75000. How much is yours costing you?

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12-em-plus add reply

mine is 200K. but i think it is not worth it?


Okay can someone please explain this to me because I am very confused now.

My prize shovel costs 200,000 coins. There have been two county fairs now and I think the last one I got around 100,000 coins. Why am I going to buy a prize shovel that lasts for ONE day when I am not going to get the money back in prizes at the end of the fair. Even if it cost 75,000 it still does not make any sense at all to pay coins for it. Even if I paid 200,000 coins and it lasted for the WEEK I would still not get my money back in prizes at the end....

I do wish Zynga would think these things through and realise that people need more of an incentive even if it is just to spend virtual money. Players are soon going to twig that the county fair is not that big a deal in terms of rewards even after all the cheaters have been straightened out.

For me it has already turned into a bit of a fizzled event and not as great as I first thought it was going to be.


They may well be testing things out--at what price will people buy the golden shovel, for instance--who knows for the rabbit warren.


mine is free level 80


It has nothing to do with level you're on or the amount of coins you have. My wife is level 63, her shovel costs 75k, while mine costs 200k and I'm level 62. We both have 7-8 million coins. Also her Rabbit Warren holds 21 rabbit, while mine holds 15. Also she was able to expand 1-2 weeks before expansions were officialy released. And I wasn't. It's nothing but another case of "go home Zynga, you're drunk" :) Just keep quiet and be happy that you don't have to pay 7500000 for the shovel :D


Mine is 200,000. I am level 49 and have a lot of coins.


why is mine 75,000? can u tell me what lev. you are? I am lev. 61

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