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Question-whiteWhich items allow you to create/transmute items?

by Hannah Beth Lavake - May 09, 2013 Star_s2,856 views

I already have a cauldron and the blue circle thing on the ground that you can do spells with, but I was wondering how you can tell whether or not items will have a purpose (before you buy them), or whether some things are just decorations. I bought a mailbox for a quest and realized I could make packages with it, which got me curious as to what else is out there that I can use to transmute things. I was specifically wondering this about the crystal cave and the alchemical flask, so I bought them just a few minutes ago and was a bit sad that nothing happened when I tapped on them. Is there a list anywhere of all the items that CAN do anything? Or if not, will someone share their favorite items that seem the most helpful, or fun? I am still learning about the game and discovering all the different things you can do, and occasionally feel a bit lost.

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12-em-plus add reply

This list is helpful but its 4 years out of date! Please update it would help us tremendously

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