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Light-bulbFirst place in the county fair and recieved Nothing!!!!!!

by Pamela Woodson - May 09, 2013 Star_s500 views

I was first place for the asparagus and got the "Try again next week" message.....dd anyone else get this? I did not use any cheats to get first place worked day and night, planting, fert, and harvesting to get nothing....did anyone else get a big disappointment at the fair? I know they have posted it is a issue thy are working on but i did was wondering if anyone got their medal that did use a cheat or not. The only glitch I have ever used is the coins and decoration cheat engine or hack...Just trying or figure out if Zynga is using the "issue" excuse to penalize who the think is cheating or if it really is an "issue"....... What do you all think????

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12-em-plus add reply

I did get mine - the medal that is. I came in first in several areas (no cheating and I got rid of all the people who were cheating and still have over 100 friends). The prize money at the end was a no show.


Yeah I kinda figured that but wanted someone else to check theirs.....maybe it is a "issue" but with Zynga you never know....


The cheat engine people are obvious on my friend list with point totals over 500000 points and massive prized crop sizes yet they have medals now.

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