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Light-bulbThe Grange - Prized Building Storage

by Tonya Collins - May 10, 2013 Star_s1,074 views


Howdy Pardners!

Build a Grange Hall to store your Prized Animal & Decoration buildings!
- Gated at level 19
-New Free Gift crop – Radish (5 hour harvest)
- Prized Mystery Basket – takes 8 prize packages to open and will give you feed for prized animals etc
- Completed Grange can store the following: shearin salon, snow slide, kitten corral, holiday glade, ice hotel, fitness fort, training center, show course, carving station, turkey track, pig pavilion
Wrapper Mission to ramp next week (Monday most likely)

What We Need:

PassionFlower (Mission 1 harvest 25)
Radish (Mission 2 drops prize power) (5 hour harvest)
Radish (Mission 4 harvest 45) (5 hour harvest)
Broccoli (Mission 4 harvest 60)
Carrots(Building 1 drops veggie seed)
Compost Pile(Build 1 drops garden soil)
Cherry Tomato(Build2 drops veggie crate)
White Roses(Build 3 drops sturdy comb)
Yellow Corn(Build 3 drops corn nut feed)
Catnip (Build 3drops frontier treats)
Sugar cane(Build 3 drops wet scrubber)
Silk (Build 4drops vine ties)
Bamboo (B4drops sanded plank)
Cows (Mission 1 tend 18)
Pigs (Mission 3 tend 50)
Frontier Pig (Mission 3 tend 6 times)
Sheep (Mission 5 tend 75 times)
Frontier Kitten (Mission 5 tend 8 times)
Non rideable Horses (Build 2 drops gooey glue)
Goat (Build 4 drops bum springs)
Pine (Build 1 drops shelf wood)
Apple (Build 1 drops nice trim)
Oak (Build 2 drops floor boards)
Birch (Build 2 drops scrap paper)


1. Coming Together
-Harvest 25 Passion Flowers
-Tend 18 Adult Cows
-Place the Grange Hall
Reward: 4 Radishes, 4 Prized Packages, Frontier Horse (needed for wrapper)

2. Local Expertise
-Open the Prized Almanac (menu on building)
-Tend 2 Prize Gifts Baskets (takes 8 prize packages to open and will give you ---items for prized animals)
-Finish phase 1 of the Grange Hall
Reward: Frontier Pig, Rawhide Gloves, Unlock more storage inside Grange Hall
Almanac will show you your prized animals and decorations.
Notes: The almanac is in the Grange. Prize Gift Baskets will be in your inventory.

3. Social Spot
-Tend 50 Adult Standard Pigs
-Tend Frontier Pig 6 times (you get one from previous mission)
-Finish phase 2 of the Grange Hall
Reward: 4 Radishes, Fast Hands Boost, Unlock more storage inside Grange Hall

4. Tricks of the Trade
-Harvest 45 Radishes
-Harvest 60 Broccoli
-Finish phase 3 of the Grange Hall
Reward: Green Lightning Boost, Frontier Kitten, Unlock more storage inside Grange Hall

5. Storing Knowledge
-Tend 75 Adult Standard Sheep
-Tend Frontier Kitten 8 times (you get one from previous mission)
-Finish the Grange Hall
Reward: Raging Bull Boost, Ga Range Band (animated deco), Unlock more storage inside Grange Hall


Claim the Prize
Tend Frontier Horses 8 times (you get one from the Local Expertise mission)
Tend 8 Prize Gift Baskets
Finish 4 additional Partner Animals or Decorations
Reward: Crazy Cake, Hilly Billy Hoedown (animated deco), 2 Wilderness Juices
Notes: Prize Gift Baskets are in the market and tended with 8 prize packages, which are made from 2 prize power (Radishes) and 3 Frontier Gifts (Wall Post)

Building Guide:

Stage One
4 Display Cases - Crafted
4 Stage Sections - Crafted
8 Historic Items - Wall Post
6 Frontier Pictures - Direct Request
8 Veggie Seeds - Carrots
8 Garden Soil - Compost Piles
Crafting: Each Case requires 4 Shelf Wood (Pine Trees) and 3 Glass Doors (Wall Post)
Each Section requires 4 Nice Trim (Apple Trees) and 4 Stage Planks (Direct Request)

Stage Two
8 Crafting Tables - Crafted
8 Podiums - Crafted
12 Town Maps - Wall Post
16 Craft Supplies - Direct Request
15 Floor Boards - Oak Trees
16 Gooey Glue - Horses
Crafting: Each Table requires 4 Scrap Paper (Birch Trees) and 6 Fixin' Glue (Wall Post)
Each Podium requires 4 Veggie Crates (Cherry Tomatoes) and 6 Note Pads (Direct Request)

Stage Three
10 Training Pen - Crafted
10 Grooming Stations - Crafted
20 Wash Bins - Wall Post
12 Window Shutters - Direct Request
16 Sturdy Combs - White Roses
18 Corn Nut Feed - Corn
Crafting: Each Pen requires 4 Frontier Treats (Catnip) and 5 Pet Gates (Wall Post)
Each Grooming Station requires 6 Wet Scrubbers (Sugar Cane), 9 Stretchy Hose (Wall Post) and 5 Pet Tables (Direct Request)

Stage Four
10 Grange Signs - Crafted
12 Meeting Chairs - Crafted
16 Bright Lanterns - Wall Post
25 Garden Lattices - Direct Request
16 Vine Ties - Silk
18 Drinking Troughs - Wall Post
Crafting: Each Sign requires 4 Sanded Planks (Bamboo) and 6 Stencils (Wall Post)
Each Chair requires 6 Bum Springs (Goats), 9 Fanny Pads (Direct Request) and 6 Chair Frames (Wall Post)


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