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Light-bulbhelp me please

by David Skelland - May 15, 2013 Star_s190 views

hi im dave ive just started playing a game called rise of a hero and i would like some help how do you kill all 8 stone golems on level three i am 10 level now and still having problems

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12-em-plus add reply

Invite help from your tavern, also if you have weak weapons leave level three and head to someplace else and keep clearing area and checking for items in "crates,chests, on dead foe's" build up your Damage and defence, as for stra, intell, you can add points to build them, weapons and armour should be for the damage & defence. thats how i play anyway, has worked for me. once you get to the boss on level 3, dont stand in one place fighting it, Hit and run, let it swing then hit and run again, keep it up till it's dead. Good luck.

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