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Question-whiteHighest Level on Farmville 2

by Sarah Davis - May 16, 2013 Star_s6,658 views

Hey All!

What is the highest level you can currently achieve in Farmville 2?

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Wow I am in the 50's I have a way to go lol


im at level 277


Im At Level 160


i am at 120 level :D


Thank you all for the info. Now I know what to "craft" as i am trying to work up to 3 milliom to buy a piece of property.


You may not be interested in anyone's opinion, but that's not going to stop me from giving mine.

FarmVille 2 did the same thing with the XP when they released levels 61 - 80. Anyone who had been level 60 for a while had a lot of XP built up and lost it all when the new levels were released. Had you asked anyone here about that, they would have told you. And Zynga never lied about that, as Zynga Support was telling people that they would likely lose their XPs when the new levels came out.

But since you have quit the game anyway, I guess it no longer matters.


I am at 81.
I ha OVER 11 million exp and it's all gone! If it's not coming back then
I QUIT Farmville 2 forever! I am tired of their antics, lies and so called glitches!!!!!
If the exp was worthless and pointless then THEY should have said so a LONG time ago.
I am NOT interested in anyones opion on why they did or did not. I just know that i am sick and tired of ZYNGA!!!!! Good bye!


After level 80 it goes to level 100, i am on level 81 as from today with the new levels coming in :)


They just added levels 81 to 100.


i have lvl 80


level 14 how toget fastest level


just remember - although you can still get xp after level 80 as soon as they bring in new levels you will lose ALL your XP when you go up to level 81. A good idea is to find the crafted item that gives you the most coins - not the most XP and make that while you are waiting for new land BUT without selling anything. You will build up your XP but you will have massive coin reserves when the next land releases come out. For example I concentrated on the Walnut pinwheel. I must have had over 600 in my inventory when level 61 came out and I sold them for 8980 each. Also what you can do if you are getting too high in XP is make the first two ingredients which are usually low XP. So for the Walnut pinwheel make the soy milk and the batter and grow the walnuts. Then when you need the XP you just crank out the pinwheels.


You still get exp after level 80 but you wont progress. The tooltip says "new levels coming soon", so I assume thats the highest.


The highest I have seen is lvl 80

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