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Light-bulbwoogoo problem :(

by Bartosz Pytka - May 20, 2013 Star_s365 views

A week ago I could use bug to gain woogoo. This bug was about that I could click congratulate button multiple times. Today this bug seems to be not working. the congratulate button is grey and it doesnt change to green afrer I visit my friends gardens.

What should I do to use this bug again?

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12-em-plus add reply

hi I am having the same problem. Has anyone got an answer on how to get woogoo... to be honest the game just isnt the same without getting the woogoo you need..


They do it now by opening multiple windows in their browsers . First open the congratulate box in each window and then click the buttons one by one


Yes I am having the same problem.Would love to know how to make it work again.


yes if anyone knows please let us know ...i still see people with 100 links so if they can share with us how they do it.
you know the more people making links the more woogoo every one gets cause when they post there links they also click on others its all about sharing

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