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Light-bulbExperiment: Help us tag the hidden objects

by Kixie Lam-Jek - May 21, 2013 Star_s52,569 views

Update June 3rd: We now have a tab for this. Just click "Hidden Objects" above or here!

We are experimenting with a new editor so that we can all tag hidden objects, and help each other out!

We are starting out with Criminal Case #4: The Dockyard Killer (because there's where I'm at right now Laughing)

Can folks help tag the following scenes? Let us know what the experience is like in the comments below: what you like about it, what is confusing and what we can do better

Case #1: The Death of Rosa Wolf

Case #2: Corpse in a Garden

Case #3: The Grim Butcher

Case #4: Dockyard Murder

Case #5: A Russian Case

Case #6: Good Cop Dead Cop

Case #7: Death by Cruxifixion

Case #8 Beautiful no More

As an example, we've started tagging Case #4: Bed, a screenshot is shown below:

Case #4: The Bed

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I would like to upload a new scene but I can't because "You need to unlock the Clapper Board badge to be able to add new stages! To unlock this item, get the Magnifer item and upload at least 5 scenes"

I don"t get it, can someone explaine this?


Hi there. I've tried to upload a new scene 'Theater Stage' But in order to do so I would have to tag 3 items.. I already did that. Aniehoe my ' tagcounter' says I only tagged 1 instead of 3. I think that is because I tagged 2 items before they wend all facebook-style? Halp!


Why are the hidden objects not in English anymore????


only case 1 & 2 are in English for hidden objects. Is there another place to go to see the hidden objects in English for case 3 and beyond


Check out this page for daily energy boost:


Help! I stuck at 28 and can not move to the next level because I only have two stars and I need 3 stars. can someone help me with information as I could make a star if I complete all 45 stars?


Beginning with Case #55, there are several scenes uploaded that were not cropped (they're full screen captures, not cropped to show only the scene). These are very difficult to use because the objects on the scenes themselves are much smaller than if the screen had been cropped. I'd like to replace these with more useful cropped scene images, but since only 9 scenes can be displayed, I can't do that without making another scene disappear.

Is there any way for these useless scenes to be reviewed by an admin and deleted so they aren't in the way?


Hi Debbie, yes of course we have level all the way up to level 70 now. Just click "Hidden Objects" above or here!


Does this project go past level 8? I found a game error on level 9. The object asked for is an English flag but when I pressed clue the Danish flag was highlighted.


Guys just sharing, I've found this interesting! Check it out!


Thanks Daniel for catching the mislabeling! We fixed it so it should look ok now. Let us know if it still looks weird.


um in the scenes thing, it goes from crime #43 troubled waters, to crime #45, (#44 is missing., and #52 is present. ) is it me, or is case #45 really case 44, case 46 really case 45, and so on and er the scenes from case "52" are really those case 51?


I am not really playing Criminal Case that much, but my friends does, everyone that I have tipped off about the tagged hidden items have liked it very much and helped them proceed, thank you. :) 

Yesterday I tried to hang out with my real life friend but we ended up playing Criminal Case instead, lols. It is a fun game when you are two and can make stuff a bit faster. In the meanwhile when we were waiting for more energy we trained on the pics with the help of the tags. Since we aren't speaking English as a native language it was a good thing to che cjeck the list first, cause whenever there are a word you don't understand it takes loads of time trying to google the word, but if you have done even a brief look at the list first, you get stuff evened up a little. =) 

Many thx for the hidden objects chategory! <3




Hi, I use tagged scenes and when I find wrong name I correct it or add a new one. Could you please help me how to see other cases that where uploaded in Hidden objects? I can only see cases up till case 33, and on the other side I can see notification that case 38 is uploaded and scene 1 of case 39 is also uploaded. How can I see that scenes? Thank you for your help.


Hi, I seem to be finding wrong names in tagged items, which is not a big deal as I can edit them. But, next time I start the game, the old names are back, how can this be corrected please, do I need to be logged in somewhere special?

Also, I have noticed on occasion two different names for the same object, example Scene #22, Operation Table - we have USB and Usb key. I then found that during the game play, BOTH of these showed up as names of hidden objects to find, so both need to stay in the tagged description. Is this common or a mistake, or just a sneaky game play option?


Could someone upload the names of the next cases (33 to 44) so that we could upload the scenes?


yo puse todo lo que pude del caso 11 pero donde estan los siguientes a partir del 12, publiquenlo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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