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Chart_bar Level # of people stuck
1 Level 181 2943 people
2 Level 140 2418 people
3 Level 130 2315 people
4 Level 23 1803 people
5 Level 70 1639 people

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Light-bulbThis level is very hard! Level 147

by Patty Voorhies Kmiecik - May 22, 2013 Star_s7,472 views

I have been stuck on this level for months!!!! Two of my friends passed it in a few days...What am I doing wrong????? I am making stripped candies whenever I can and combining them. I get alot of shuffling of the candy ! I am tired of this level!

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Clear the middle column as fast as u can. When the time bomb started coming down, it will be easier to clear. Create as many combos as possible. Plan your moves. See which are the ones you need to clear. See where your candies are dropping into the next move or if you can anticipate further positions. Sometimes there isn't a need to use up your combo so soon. Position them to your best advantage

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this will be the level that will turn off a lot of players!!! I have been at this for close to 2 months already. If at the end of august I'm still stuck in this level, I'm deleting candy crush from all my devices. these games should be stress relievers not a source of frustration!!!


I have been stuck for 6 days! I have combined 2 blk candies and wrappers as well. Nothing seems to work. Dose anyone have any advice? This level has taken over my life!


Your not doing anything wrong, it does seem impossible as I was stuck on that level for months and by sheer luck I only passed it a few days ago, I was ready to give up too, but stick with it and it will happen. Thats the thing with this game its not so much about skill but about luck as to how the candies fall. Good luck x

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