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Question-whiteCan a Wild Mustang be used to produce foals? Can the new Haflinger horse also be used like the other rare horses?

by Angela Mathews - Jun 04, 2010 Star_s790 views

I have a question about breeding. Can the Wild Mustang be used like a Stallion? I was unsure if the Mustang was male for female. Also, after putting the seed/starter horse in the empty barn at 34% or higher, I put in the Mustang. What percentage does it have to be at or does it matter? I then take out the gray or brown starter horse and put in a rare horse like the new Haflinger horse. How long do I have to wait or do I wait at all since the stable has already has the 'ready' seed above the stable? Can I then collect horsehair, coins, and maybe a foal? I have tried this several times by having gray and brown horses staggered at collection times so I have four or five near 34% or higher. Am I missing anything or do I just need to be patient? :) Does this work the same with the cows / bull basically? Thanks so much!

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12-em-plus add reply

The Mustang is still a male horse not a female and can be left in your barn and the female to be put in the harvest for exp, arborist, and farmhands. He is just not a breeding stallion to be correct.


The mustang is a female. You'll need the wandering stallion or your own white stallion to produce a foal. The halfinger horse works just like the other rare horses. I've gotten a few halfinger and mustange foals this way already.


I've been trying to find this out myself. I hope someone gives you an answer soon.

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