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Question-whiteHow do I earn more beans?

by Patty Kriengprarthana - May 25, 2013 Star_s3,257 views

I'm on a Rancid stage and I'm out of beans. I've tried going back to play the earlier stages but it's not giving me any beans. Does anyone know how to earn more beans?

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Have you also checked your game feed for Beans? Sometimes your friends send you beans when they beat you at any level. =) 

Here is the ultimate Guide for Magic Beans in Farm Heroes Saga:




You have to beat a prior level...so if you got one star, go for two...then you will get more beans. Getting the same star score won't get you anything :)


I'm now on level 53 - And can't beat Rancid .... I too am out of beans.. Did you ever figure it out? HELP!

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