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Question-whitePet Saga level 43

by Sue Lentini - May 26, 2013 Star_s11,258 views

I just don't get this level .. how do you get past the blocks at the bottom without spending any money? You get two rockets but that saves just two pets.

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12-em-plus add reply

Ok, what causes the rocket to show up, or balloons, or the bombs? What should we be attempting to get rid of? I get that the more blocks at a time you remove, the higher the score....but there must be more to this..


Just replayed to remember...this is ultimately an easy level once you get the method. Maximize your block clearing to get the rocket lit in as few moves as possible...If you are careful about this you can easily get all 4 fishes out and maybe even one or two more.


Me either - completely frustrated!


Me either! Anyone?

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