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Light-bulbThe Truth about the FV2 Suspensions Updated

by Sugar Gosh - May 27, 2013 Star_s2,227 views

So I have been reading (with no little amusement) all the conspiracy theories that are being bandied about as to the cause of the Farmville 2 massacre. [@Alan - I do hope this post doesn't make you have to remove posts for abuse and bad language ;)]. This is what I have found:

1. Zynga is spying on the GU! website and targeting people who post threads about cheating

2. It is all GU!'s fault. I would never have cheated if I had not read how to on their website.

3. Zynga introduced the County Fair only to the "high level" players to target them as cheats and then suspended their farms

4. I battled to actually follow the reasoning on this one but apparently those strange threads that have been spammed all over promising untold wealth and rewards to FV2 players and clicked on by the greedy and the gullible, led them to a phishing site where all their personal information was taken and their accounts hacked. This somehow caused Zynga to over-react and launch mass suspensions of all accounts. Hunh???

5. Barbara did it. Anyone stealing off her farm got suspended

6. Marie did it. Anyone stealing off her farm got suspended.

7. Walther did it. Anyone stealing off his farm got suspended.

8. Bob Fischer did it. (For those of you who don't know about Bob Fischer check out this thread:

9. I AM INNOCENT. I never stole, cheated did anything ever at all and I got suspended because Zynga is greedy, uncaring, horrible etc etc

10. I only cheated a little bit. I got suspended because Zynga is greedy, uncaring, horrible etc etc

11. It is all Zynga's fault - if they did not want us to cheat there would be no glitches. I got suspended because Zynga is greedy, uncaring, horrible etc etc

12. It is all a big plot by Zynga because they are introducing a new game and they want all the FV2 players to play that game instead.

Please vote for your personal favourite. LOL.

And one that I left out.

13. It was my neighbor a) they are Zynga INFORMANTS (I don't know why but people always feel the need to emphasise this with Caps) b) The cannot mind their own business

And then thanks to Christin who posted on this thread:

14. I cheated by accident... and then go to 11. above.

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12-em-plus add reply

I got a 5 day suspension. I was moving around my non farmbuck items and I got a whoops a daisy. I earned the farmbucks i got and when I got back to my game all farmbuck items were gone. I spend my own money and earned them both. Why do they take things legit? The only thing that was different in my game is that I used gamers Unite for link exchange. I guess Zynga is suspending farmers who use the link exchange because that is all I do for quests.


@Alan Dang, Bob Fisher could hide you anywhere, even two places at once.



*leaves the safety of Barbara's Bed & Breakfast and seeks assitance from that crafty Bob Fisher*


@Gina Andrews LOL. probably hiding under a bush fast asleep.


@chocolat go The Real California Cow gave Alan a swift kick in the butt for saying that Wisconsin dairy is better, kicking him so hard that he went through the wall of the barn. He needed somewhere soft to lay down so he went to Barbara's garden.


@michael - actually all you had to say was:
#15 and #11.
@gina - who let Alan out of Marie's cow barn?


I agree with #2 in a way. I never would have learned about the glitches if they hadn't been posted on this site. However, blaming my use of the glitches on GU is like saying because the cashier took too long in the back room, its the cashier's fault I robbed the convenience store. Even so, let's crash the tea party at Barbara's to snag Alan, who is disguised as a proper English gardener... lol


#15. I knew what I was doing when I used the glitches. It is, however, Zyngas fault to let us continue on playing the game having known we have exploited the game for far too long. it doesn't make alot of sense to suspend people now for having done something months ago. Really, why cant Zynga remove all the extra animal storage? They sure can remove anything else.


@Psue Doughname: you really should be a bit brighter than to have "phish" in your link - kind of gives the game away don't you think...
But clever play on pseudonym - I will give you that.


15. I wasn't cheating, I followed a link, now I am actually an Official Mystery Shopper! You can too! https://www.p-ull.mY/£eggdotcom.zz/phishmebaby.htm


"I cheated by accident" LMAO! Thanks and you're welcome. :D


@Sugar Gosh

Did you have to tell them WHICH barn I was hiding in?


*runs away again*


I have visions of all these irate farmers chasing Alan through their farms waving their fertilizer pitchforks and Alan hiding in Marie's barn shouting "it wasn't meeeeeeee...."


Ok I admit #12 crossed my mind. Truthfully though it makes no difference what, how or why it happened you make your choice and take the consequences. Its only a game the internet is full of them.


I *think* I know why I was suspended. I had three furnaces. One day they just popped up in the market. I was like, "hot damn!" So, I got two more. Funny thing, when I was able to get back in... there they were, right on my farm where I had placed them. All the decorations I had purchased with FV2C, however... GONE! EVERY SINGLE ONE! All my white fences, my Celtic stepping stones, my stone walls. I had to do SO much to get that FV2C! The money that was spent on a Zynga Gift card for me... wasted! SO MAD! So mad...

The messed up part of it all... that was THEIR OWN GLITCH! How was I supposed to know? If it's in the market it's safe... right? Guess not...


Haha... squirrel... hahahaha...


But... but......... but........ SQUIRREL!

*runs away*


@Alan. Definitely number 2 dude. All your fault.


I think #12 is my fave. I know that most people don't have a high opinion of Zynga's intelligence, but they aren't THAT bad.

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