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Question-whiteFarm heroes in facebook, broblems, two facebook, only one game

by Tintti Paananen - May 28, 2013 Star_s1,588 views

Me and my son are using the same computer, we both have our own facebook.

We have both played the farm heroes saga, I'm in level 60 and he is about 30

Problems started today: I logged in my facebook, played the five lives. After that my son logged in his facebook, started to load the game, after loading we noticed that it's my game!

I really don't understand this, any help?

Yesterday there was no problems.


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12-em-plus add reply

This happens to various different games, I suggets you try to use different browsers for different FB accos or use the private/aboubymous mode your browsers if you want to use the same browser. 


You have to clean out the cache for the internet browser that you are using. That is what I did when I had the same problem. There is nothing wrong with the game.


I had the same problem. Log out of facebook and close the browser. Then you should be able to log in again as someone else and your game will be back to normal.


Ok, then there must be some kind of bug in the game, hope they fix it soon


Me and my partner had the same problem yesterday evening (28th May 2013) doesn't appear to be any answers anywhere.

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