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Light-bulbDoc's Scavenger Hunt

by Tonya Collins - May 31, 2013 Star_s2,141 views


-Gated at level 17
-New Free Gift crop – Wild Mushroom (8 hour harvest)
-3 New Collections - wildwood, chasm, everglade
-Ability to craft new allure boosts – sheep, ox, horse
-New Coin Crop - Bearberry (5 hour harvest)
-All quests excluding wrappers are repeatable (repeating not required)

Doc's run out of all the ingredients he needs to do his research. Help him ou t by searching and collecting. Bring up the map and choose which quests you would like to do. Missions will unlock over time, but you don't have to wait! Use Horseshoes to reveal the map. Earn new rewards like Golden Eagles and new Allure boosts!

-The Scavenger Hunt Missions are separated up into three sets of missions that will open up by day.
-Each is made up of one wrapper and three small repeatable missions.

It is recommend that the missins be completed in the order below. Some missions give rewards that are needed to complete other missions.

What We Need:

Bearberries (Mission 1 drops big bearberries) new coin crop
Sparkler crop (Mission 2,5,and 9 drops block pulley)
Wild Mushrooms (missions 3, 6 and 9 drops medical mushrooms)new gift crop
Purple Echinacea (Mission 4 harvest 25)
Red Clover (Mission 7 harvest 10)
Rubber root dandelion (Mission 7 drops rubber strip)
Flying Squirrel (Mission 2 tend 6 times)
Redder Squirrel (Mission 3 tend 4 times)
Golden Eagle (Mission 6 tend 8 times)
Oxen (Mission 8 drops thick hair)
Swamp Rats ( tend 10 times)
Oxen ( tend 200)
Non Rideable Horses (wrapper 3 tend 150)
Lemon tree (Mission 2 drops stubby fruit)
Coffee tree (Mission 4 drops milkberries)
Oak Tree (Mission 8 drops damp lichen
Rocks (Mission 5 drops climbin spikes)


~~Forest Missions~~

1. Berry Brigade
Collect the Bonus from the Bison Cart
Gather 10 Big Bearberries
Ask for 8 Clearin' Cutters
Rewards: Flying Squirrel, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Reward
Notes: Bearberries come from Bearberries. Cutters are requested.

2. Squirrel, Interrupted
Gather 8 Stubbly Fruit
Craft 4 Safety Ropes
Tend a Flying Squirrel 6 Times
Rewards: Redder Squirrel, 2 Sharp Axes, Fully Grown Oak
Notes: Stubbly Fruit drops from Lemon Trees. Ropes are crafted. A Flying Squirrel was a previous mission reward.
Crafting: Each Safety rope requires 4 block pulleys (sparklers) and 4 spare ropes (requested).

3. In the Thicket Of It
-Tend Redder Squirrels 4 Times
-Ask for 18 Tasty Hazelnuts
- Search a Clumped Thicket
Rewards: 4 Shroom Baskets, Goat Allure, Random Reward
Notes: A Redder Squirrel was a mission reward earlier. Hazelnuts are requested. Each Thicket takes 10 Shroom Baskets.
Crafting: Each Shroom Basket requires 2 Medicinal Mushrooms (wild mushrooms) and 3 weaved baskets (requested).

*Wrapper: Forested Development
-Place the Bison Cart
-all three Forest Missions
- Collect 3 Forestry Stores
Rewards: Unlock Sheep Allure Boosts, Sheep Allure, 2 Lumber Crystals
Notes: Forestry Stores come from the Wildwood Collection

~~Canyon Missions:~~

4. A River Runs Through It
-Gather 8 Milkberries
-Gather 8 Minnow Schools
- Harvest 25 Purple Echinacea
Rewards: Golden Eagle, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Reward
Notes: Milkberries drop from Coffee Trees. Minnow Schools drop from the Fishin Pond.

5. Organized Climb
-Gather 12 Climbin' Spikes
-Craft 10 Safety Ropes
-Ask for 15 Dingy Feathers
Rewards: Black Eagle, Early Bird Boost, Fully Grown Pine
Notes: Spikes drop from Rocks on your homestead. Ropes are crafted. Dingy Feathers are requested.
Crafting: Each Safety rope requires 4 block pulleys (sparklers) and 4 spare ropes (requested).

6. The Eagle Has Landed
-Tend a Golden Eagle 8 Times
- Ask for 20 Tasty Hazelnuts
-Search a Canyon Crag
Rewards: 4 Climbin Pouches, Pig Allure, Random Reward
Notes: We received a Golden Eagle as a mission reward. Hazelnuts are requested. Canyon Crags take 10 Climbin' Pouches.
Crafting: Each Climbing Pouch Requires 2 medicinal mushrooms (wild mushrooms) and 3 belt pouches , (requested)

*Wrapper: Chasm Canvassing
- Complete all three Canyon Missions
-Tend Oxen 200 Times
-Collect 3 Canyoner's Stores
Rewards: Unlock Ox Allure, Ox Allure, 3 Cattle Power
Notes: Canyoner's Stores drop from Chasm Collections.

~~Swamp Missions:~~

7. Waterlogged Wildlife
- Ask for 12 Dingy Feathers
-Craft 5 Boot Covers
-Harvest 10 Red Clover
Rewards: Swamp Rat, 3 Wild Mushrooms, Random Reward
Notes: Dingy Feathers are Requested. Covers are crafted.
Crafting: Each Boot Cover requires 9 rubber strips ( rubber root dandelion) 9 belt buckles, and 8 arid sacks (requested)

8. Marsh Mushrooms
-Gather 25 Damp Lichen
-Craft 6 Dry Suits
-Gather 12 Tasty Hazelnuts
Rewards: Horse, Aged Salmon, Fully Grown Willow
Notes: Lichen drops from Fully Grown Oaks. Suits are crafted. Hazelnuts are Requested.
Crafting: Each dry suit requires 3 thick hairs (adult oxen), 8 cured leather and 8 leather tops, (requested)

9. Swamp Rat-A-Tat
-Tend Swamp Rats 10 Times
- Craft 6 Safety Ropes
-Search a Swampy Pool
Rewards: 4 Swamp Bags, Cow Allure, Random Reward
Notes: Swamp Rats are a mission reward. Safety Ropes are Crafted. Swampy Pools take 10 Swamp Bags.
Crafting: Each Swamp Bag requires 2 medicinal mushrooms (wild mushrooms), and 3 airtight bags (requested)
Each Safety rope requires 4 block pulleys (sparklers) and 4 spare ropes (requested).

*Wrapper: Swampy Science
-Complete all three Swamp missions
- Tend Adult Horses 150 Times
-Collect 2 Dampened Stores
Rewards: Unlock Horse Allure, Horse Allure, 2 Animal Spirit Crystals
Notes: Dampened Stores come from the Everglades Collection

**Main Wrapper: Animal Magnetism (Monday June 3)**
-Craft 4 Sheep Allure Boosts
-Craft 4 Ox Allure Boosts
-Craft 4 Horse Allure Boosts
Rewards: 25'000XP, 25 Horseshoes, Random Reward
Notes: Boosts are crafted in the Bison Cart.


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