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Light-bulbFinding the items to charge collections

by Larry Sizemore - May 31, 2013 Star_s2,655 views

How do you find the items to charge the Fiery Splender, Protection of the Ancients, The Glint of Gold, etc... collections? Short of buying them, I mean!

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm wondering the same thing. In my collections I have "enough" of the items but I can not charge them.... How do I charge a collection if I have "enough"?


I'm looking for an answer to this as well. I have the items, can't ask friends for others needed to charge and don't want to buy diamonds to purchase items. is there somewhere you can see what rooms you need to explore to find items to charge collections. i.e. labels in the basement


Did u ever find the answer to this?

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