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by Judy Thompson Parker - Jun 06, 2013 Star_s294 views

Celestial Pastures Chapter 1 Quest Guide

Quest Story: Welcome to Celestial Pastures, a planet whose beauty is unique in all the galaxy... Or at least it WAS, until you CRASHED your ship here! Expected duration of the Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest Chapter 1 is from 10th June 2013 to 17th June 2013 Note: These quests are specific to the Celestial Pastures Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later... These quests are repeatable


[b]1. Get 7 Speech Decoder Rings
2. Harvest 35 Thuck Wheat (12 Hrs)
3. Craft a Farmhand (Craftshop)

Reward Babbler Fish

Quest #2 The Powder Keg

1. Get 8 Orange Drink Powder

2. Harvest 50 Sun Fade Barley (14 Hrs)

3. Harvest Babbler Fish 2 Times

Quest Tips:Harvest the Fish in the Zoo…

Reward Astrojuice Tree

Quest #3 A Scanner Smartly

1. Get 9 Handheld Scanners
2. Harvest 60 Violet Vein Spinach (14 Hrs)
3. Harvest Astrojuice Tree

Quest Tips:Harvest the Tree in orchard…

Reward Catstronaut

Quest #4 Unchained Reaction

1. Get 9 Roverskates
2. Harvest 70 Shard Skin Onions (15 hrs 54 mins)
3. Master Babbler Fish to 1 Star (5 Harvests)

Quest Tips:Harvest the Fish in the Zoo…

Reward Celestial Pastures Rover


Quest #5The Missing Link

1. Get 10 Astronaut Ice Cream
2. Harvest 85 Ruzberries (8 Hrs)
3. Harvest the FV Explorer 2 Times

Quest Tips:None…

Reward Wooly Space Horse

Quest #6 Plentiful Planet

1. Get 12 First Aid Kits
2. Harvest 100 Sun Fingers (15 hrs 54 mins)
3. Make an Ultra Violet Bread

Reward Star Portal Tree


Quest Tips: For the Crafts, check the Farmville Crystal Cottage Crafting
Crystal Cottage Crafting photo from The Diggers

Total quantity of bushels required for all the crafting in this quest is as below:List Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Farmville Celestial Pastures Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, ‘unless’ you see the quests icon active on the other farms too…

It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests… More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...Thanks Dirt Farmer

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