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Question-whiteDo I loose the items I gift?

by Elizabeth Pemberton - Jun 13, 2013 Star_s1,891 views

When I send a gift where does the gift come from? Am I sending something I own and will therefor loose after I send it. An example : I have the option to send a territorial expansion... Is this an expansion I can use and if I send it do I loose it from my itinery? I am trying to save up so I have enough to expand so dont want to send a one if it means I am one down?

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12-em-plus add reply

Quit being selfish or else no ones gonna wanna be ur neighbor n help u out. Lol jk .. u can't use items they r for sending...u get like ten randomly per day to send...send daily n help friends speed up their jobs n ull grow alot faster with good neighbors... if ur not getting stuff back delete them n invite more till u find good ones

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