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Light-bulbis there any point to get a gold medal?

by Polly Isa Pioneer - Jun 19, 2013 Star_s4,215 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Is there any point in getting gold medals in ocean shore because they dont count towards getting dogs


You dont need to beat friends to get gold medals you just have to collect all stars from crime scenes after you completed your additional investigations


That's not necessarily true, you also earn a gold medal by getting 5 stars in all crime scenes. That earns your way to a dog as well.


sorry for typo's, predictive text on phone, damn!


well yes there, is, getting a gold medal will help you to buy bonuses, like a police dog. But if you have friends who have like HUNDREDS of criminal case friends added, there is no way you will ever beat their high scores, so you have a very slim chance of getting a dog. The only way then to get a gold medal to get a police dog is to have hundreds of criminal case friends, so you can beet them, or just have a couple that are are behind you that you can easily beat their scores but then you miss out on rewards and energy :-(


None whatsoever.

Only if you like to be #1 Investigator on the cases.

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