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Light-bulb$$$ Tips to make more $$$!

by Kellie Fuquay - Feb 22, 2010 Star_s699 views

If you have algae eaters, be sure to rotate them out with new ones! I always grow mine to adult, inventory them, then place them in the tank with the most "Happiness" to sell! You make more money that way! Also, sell your fish one at a time, you don't make as much $$$ when you sale them all together!

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12-em-plus add reply

Horrible way to respond Trish.........and Candi...some people aren't aware of the advice, tips and for some....good info with the game! NO need for anybody to be so cold and rude ....keep the negativity to yourself please.
Kellie Fuquay.........I am aware of your tips but thanks for posting it for so many newbies and some older players that don't always do the best thing for accelerating in the FW game!! WTG Kellie!!


And she brags about it. I guess even scum have pride, eh?


i get reefs and take them to each tank to add value when selling


remind me not to add trish as freind hehe


I just steal the best fish I can to earn "free" money :)

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