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Light-bulbStealing from The Neighbours of your Neighbours - NOT GAMERS UNITE!

by Karyn Horrigan - Jun 05, 2010 Star_s18,927 views

I'm about to post this to my blog - and then to all members of my facebook friends list.
I'm quite frankly sick of dealing with the garbage every day - I'm capable of telling these jerks where to go myself, but I spend half my day doing it for my friends who still believe every email message sent to them saying facebook or zynga is going to ban bla bla bla ( I love my friends and will continue to do what I do just because they don't deserve to be bullied)
Here's the post:


Ok... amidst all the BS being spun about Gamers Unite, the bullies still seem to have a means of scaring innocent users and it's time to lay some serious myths to rest.


Gamers Unite snag bar snags only what you are entitled to click on and accept yourself.

I know of AT LEAST THREE programmes available for farmers to download, which will not only do that, but will steal from the neighbours of your neighbours! Now THAT my friends, is stealing and it's cheating. GAMERS UNITE'S SNAG BAR DOES NOT DO THIS!

Why are these other programmes, and their creators, not under attack from the ever prevalent Facebook/Farmville bullies? The answer is simple - it's because they don't have the balls to have a Facebook fan page, so there's no way to know who's using them, and no way to threaten those who have or have not become followers.

Gamers Unite is an 'up front' group whose administration state clearly and consisely what can be done with the snagbar, how they feel about it and why they have made it. They have the balls to stand up for what they believe is right.


The other programmes are hidden in the backwoods of the internet, accessible by only those who are intent on truly cheating. It is the people using THESE OTHER programmes, who are snagging what you feel is being stolen from you. And they're being stolen by people who aren't even necessarily on your friends list!

So back off Gamers Unite - they don't lie to you. They don't steal from you. They don't tell you they are anything other than who and what they are. They have a facebook fan page/group BECAUSE they have nothing to hide. Instead how about you use your intelligence, to find the other applications (like I did) and if you're so against cheating - hunt down their producers and alert Zynga/facebook - rather than launching another witch hunt on a good group of people with nothing to hide.

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@baria no no one can steal stuff from ur farm--the stuff ur missing is from a fb/zynga malfunction plus everybody was missing something some more then others---but wat "they" do is blame everything on snag bar when an occasion arrives--they forget to add"it might be gone in mere seconds because that farmer has 300 neighbors" thats just common sense---- thats wat "they" are missing just old fashion common sense ohhhhhh and a life-------------------------


AMEN & DITTO TO everyone! I only turn it on while I'm playing. I check to receive only the items I'm needing. Like I had cows OFF & need some now with the expansion so they're ON. I don't have time to sit here & babysit my page for every post so this bar is a huge help. And someone said it's available to it is not cheating. It amazes me that these same whiners use other cheats but conveniently renamed them "shortcuts". Hysterically funny! This bar doesn't unfairly advance me at all. I'm not taking what I couldn't get by clicking how on earth (& heaven) is that STEALING? Beats me!


how junior high can some people be after all its just a game !!!!!!!!! so boo hoo to all you cry babies ...


I find it also helps not to snag EVERYTHING. Like for me, I don't have all the lonely pets checked, maybe some of the rare calves and foals like the Neopolotian Cal or the Longhorn Calf are checked but items like the new sheep that's out and all the mystery eggs UP TO gold are UNCHECKED. This decreases risk for getting banned as well, because you aren't snagging everything in sight. I love this site though. I have almost 200 neighbors and it helps me to see who needs what since facebook has decided to group together all the posts. I thank for the good people for creating such was to help us be the "good neighbors" I'm sure many of us would like to be. Now we have an easy way to do it. And best of all it's free, so I'm not complaining!


No kidden, a husband actually did that...lmao.....My husband is 69 as I am 45 and a nurse. He lets me know periodically I can't even yell at him as it is considered "Elder Abuse!"...LOL....but by golly, he knows not to mess with my FB
Id have to rubber mallot his fingers!!! then tell the cops he has Bad crippling arthritis and his alzheimers has gotten worse, so don't believe a word he says...:-)

too funny how people can't seperate the real from the unrealworld....V


all I can say for you is "good riddance". That guy you had as a neighbor sounds like one bossy SOB. He is one sicko is all I can say. He sounds sick enough to track you down and go postal on you over a silly game. Glad you got rid of him. And the nerve of him to go in his wife's account and delete her friends. Doesn't she have a say in who her friends are? OMG. It would be a cold day in hell, before my husband went into my facebook account, let alone started deleting my friends. OMG, I still can't get over that. Where did you find these freaks? All the advice I can give to her is to"get a backbone". That being said. I guess cheating to some people is having something that someone else doesn't have, for no rother eason but their choice. That sounds more like jealousy to me. I guess if I decided not to spend coins, or didn't have coins for a seeder, tractor, or harvester, and someone else did have those items, that they would be cheating. The snag bar is available to anyone who wants to use it, just as the tractor, harvester, seeder, airplane, etc. Because they choose not to utilize the tools given to them, for the game, is nobody's fault but their own. Simple as that. It's not cheating, it's called taking advantage of items being offered to me, and whoever doesn't like it can "moooooove" on.


hell yes misslarso


enough Viagra 4 u Mike


so i guest u will stop making love so u wont accumulate excess eggs


Gamers Unite and the snag bar is not a cheat. and if you people have things missing from your farm that's a zynga/farmville problem. You need to contact them like I did so you get your stuff back. Now what I find funny is that I know a lot of people who have multiple accounts. 1 isn't enough? I could understand if you leveled it as far as you could and wanted to start over. But some are opening multiple accounts and playing. This is against facebook & zynga's regulations. And if you have nothing better to do than bitch because someone uses the snag bar to help them out then hey move along please. As it's been said before this is a game. Geez glad you guys weren't around when I taught my kids good sportsmanship. And if you have kids then I feel sorry for them because you are not being a good role model. Oh nad one more thing. I know quite a few people who have really bad arthritis and this bar helps them with that and the game. Shame on you people who have nothing better to do than bitch, moan & pick on others who have done nothing to you!


@ Belinda - NO. Nobody can come onto your farm and take items from it. If you have missing items, it is a Zynga problem. Many people have missing dogs at present for example - this is due to a Zynga malfunction. The 'stealing' these turkeys are talking about is not the kind you're thinking of :)

@ Jennifer - Go you good thing! :)

@ Linda - Many of these 'haters' do nothing but spam people about this - Totally agree with you - they need to get a life.... or a pet.... or something.

@Cellena - Yep - it's been talked and talked - BUT the haters still continue to use the 'member of GU' List to apparently 'name and shame' those of us who are on it. They just don't 'Get It ' at all.

@John.... Good for you! You're right - without the bar what would be the point of playing with so little time to devote to it.

@Diana.... OMG ME TOO! Wanna be friends? hehehehe


Oh my Godddddddddddd I am a criminal


This is my ex neighbours view lol


ME!!!!! 12 June at 14:51 I work away alot driving a truck. so if using a tool to help me keep up at week-end is such a crime im guilty. as for being sad i dont think so i completed up to level 70 without it. Farmville is getting so boring now and unless it boosts the levels i will not be bothering with it. REMEMBER IT WAS YOU WHO ASKED ME TO ADD YOU AND WIFE. .

12 June at 18:44 Ya And we Made Mistakes I thought We Both Had you Dropped Anyoine That Admits they Cheat Will NOT BE OUR NEIGHBORS I have To Me and All my NON CHEATING NEIGHBORS AGREE WHAT YOU DO WITH THAT SNAG BAR IS NO DiFF. THAN PLAYING POKER WITH MARKED CARDS LIke you said after a hard day you Deserve To Have a advantage On all other farmville Players And i don'e Even know how you Wrote me i thought I Clicked Block on your name And My wife Let me fix this BEINg AS YOU ADMIT YOUR A CHEATER


I'm not sure if anyone else has raised this point...but I'm going to. Just because someone is a fan of GU, does not necessarily mean they have downloaded the snag bar. Personally I had been a member of GU for several months before finally downloading the snag bar yesterday.

I have always got heaps of eggs and mystery gifts lined up on my farm, and all of these I have gotten myself without snag bars help. The reason they are unopened, is because with 4 kids in the house my internet speed always gets throttled within the first week or so of my billing cycle, and once my speed is slowed down if I try to open an egg or a box I get the "out of synch" message. So basically I can collect eggs all month, but only open them one week per month.

I copped alot of bullying and harrassment and accusations due to having my eggs lined up on my farm...and that petty minded BS is what made me download the snag bar to see what all the fuss is about.

Now that I've tried it for a day, I love it and will continue to use it with pride.

Cheating, by its very definition, is to give yourself a greater advantage than others...GU and the snag bar are available to ALL farmville players, and therefore is NOT cheating.

Ok thats my 2 cents worth lol glad to finally have made an informed and educated decision about which side of the fence I am on :)


First of all, I have no clue what any of these, including Gamers United is. Second of all, come on people, it's a friggen game!!! It was made to have fun and enjoy. Why anyone needs to steal on a game is beyond me. What do you gain? Having a better farm than anyone else??? You can do that just by playing the game and enjoying it. If you need to steal on a game, then you shouldn't be playing it in the first place. People are idiots! Games are just to be played, enjoyed, and used to relax with and wind down from a tough day in the real world. Anyone that can't separate these games from real life, has a huge problem and should stop playing them and spend your time getting help!


I stand up for Gamers Unite! The snag bar is awesome! I use it and will continue to use it!! If friends on my list don't like that I use it PLEASE delete me, I honestly don't need ignorant closed-minded people as friends on my list! Anyway you should have been taught that you don't knock it till you try it! People need to quit their bitching and play the game like adults not a 2 year-old child!!


Laureen, I know people who have tons and tons of eggs on their farms and don't even use the snag bar... they simply haven't opened them because they have so much stuff and no more storage space so they don't open them because they have no place to put the stuff after they open the eggs.... same with mystery boxes...

I wish people would stop bitching about the snag bar and get a life... if you don't like it when someone uses it well just take them off your friends list... and keep your fat traps shut. Silly me thought we were all suppose to be adults, some of us act like we are 13 years old.


can someone really steal from your farm??? i have items missing


There is a cracked up egg ribbon so maybe that is why. Also maybe people collect them because its doesnt take gift box space when you need a arborist or farm hands. I go on a egg hunt spree when I am running low on the farm help....happy hunting!

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