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Light-bulbThe Soda Shop

by Tonya Collins - Jun 21, 2013 Star_s2,382 views


Howdy Pardners!

Doc discovered a watery goldmine on the homestead! Come together as a community and contribute Bubblin' Water for amazing prizes that everyone can win!

-Gated at level 18
-2 New Free Gift crops – Stevia 8 hour harvest, Kiwi (3 hour harvest after using 1 bubbling water)
-New Sweepstakes
--New Collection - Soda
-New premium water tree – Lime
-1 wrapper for next Monday

What We Need:
Mission 1 – 15 Imported Silver Sheep & 25 Passion Flowers
Mission 2 – Aloe Vera
Mission 3 – 20 Kiwi & 60 Cranberries
Mission 4 – Lime Trees & 80 Imported Boysenberries
Mission 5 – 40 Kiwi & Bubbles (Reward from prior Mission)
Build 1 – Hide Prepping Stations & Adult Standard Sheep
Build 2 – Fully Grown Oak & Pine Trees, Skull Debris & Bamboo
Build 3 – Tin Forges, Recycle Bins, Mountain Blueberries & Sugar Cane
Build 4 – Steel Forges, Prickly Pear Cactus & Silk


1. Gettin' Involved
-Tend 15 Imported Silver Sheep
-Harvest 25 Passion Flowers
-Place the Soda Shop
Rewards: 5 Bubblin Waters, Quicksilver Boots, 2 Pump Grease

2. Reach Out
-Grease Two Bubblin' Pumps
-Contribute 20 Bubblin' Water
-Upgrade the Soda Shop
Rewards: Huckleberry Pie, Granny's Gut Punch, 2 Kiwi
Notes: Bubblin' Pumps are greased with Pump Grease, made of 2 Swamp Goo (Aloe Vera) and 2 Hand Lotion (Wall Post). Contribute Bubblin Water in the Soda Shop.

3. Work Smart :
-Harvest 20 Kiwi
-Harvest 60 Cranberries
-Upgrade the Soda Shop
Rewards: Bubbles, Loyal Pioneer, Lime Tree
Notes: Kiwi is a Free Gift.

4. Experiment
-Harvest Lime Trees 6 Times
- Harvest 80 Imported Boysenberries
-Upgrade the Soda Shop
Rewards: Spicy Deer Jerky, Green Lightning, Red Eye
Notes: We received a Lime Tree from the previous mission.

5. What a Gas
-Harvest 40 Kiwi
-Tend Bubbles 12 Times
-Finish the Soda Shop
Rewards: Soda Sign, 5 Aged Salmon, Beef Jerky
Notes: Kiwi are a free gift. We got Bubbles from a previous mission.

Bubblin Pumps require 10 Pump Grease crafted by 2 Swamp Goo (Aloe Vera) and 2 Hand Lotion (wall post)

You can then contribute water by clicking the Soda Store into a community pool (you don't lose anything) and when certain levels are obtained the WHOLE community gets great rewards

*Wrapper: Soda Pop
-Complete the Soda Collection 3 Times
- Contribute 400 Bubblin or Flavoured Water
-Harvest 50 Stevia Crops
Rewards: Raging Buffalo, 2 Minty Mocha, Chocolate Rush

~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One
12 Storin' Tanks - Wall Post
10 Extra Bottles - Wall Post
10 Pourin' Funnels - Direct Request
12 Soda Stools - Direct Request
12 Booth Leather - Hide Prepping Stations
10 Booth Stuffing - Adult Standard Sheep

Stage Two
14 Parlour Mirrors - Crafted
10 Bottle Crates - Crafted
15 Soda Cappers - Wall Post
12 Ice Chests - Direct Request
12 Tabletops - Fully Grown Pine
14 Table Legs - Skulls
Crafting: Each Mirror requires 5 Reflective Glass (Wall Post) and 3 Solid Frames (Oak)
Each Bottle Crate requires 8 Crate Nails (Direct Request) and 5 Thin Wood (Bamboo)

Stage Three
10 Soda Bars - Crafted
10 Mystery Sodas - Crafted
15 Soda Colouring - Wall Post
12 Soda Straws - Direct Request
16 Sweet Treats - Mountain Blueberries
18 Sugary Syrup - Sugar Cane
Crafting: Each Bar requires 10 Brass Detailing (Wall Post), 6 Lockin Boxes (Tin Forges) and 6 Bar Tops (Direct Request)
Each Mystery Soda requires 5 Doc's Mystery Mix (Direct Request) and 5 Water Glasses (Recycling Bins)

Stage Four
12 Soda Kegs - Crafted
10 Old Player Pianos - Crafted
20 Fancy Glasses - Wall Post
18 Placemats - Wall Post
25 Piano Music - Direct Request
20 Nice Napkins - Silk
Crafting: Each Keg requires 8 Pressure Pumps (Wall Post), 8 Pour Spouts (Steel Forges) and 6 Tap Handles (Direct Request)
Each Piano requires 9 Sound Sheets (Direct Request), 6 Rolling Pins (Prickly Pear Cactus) and 6 Piano Bases (Wall Post)

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