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Light-bulbThe Spice Garden pt 6 question

by Richelle Andrews - Jun 23, 2013 Star_s251 views

One of the tasks is to place 6 dasies around the spice garden. When I go to the market to buy dasies the only option I have is to pay 2 crowns per flower. I can't find any that I can use coins on. I only have 3 crowns. Why should I have to pay to buy more to finish this quest? Is there a way to get dasies another way?

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12-em-plus add reply

I found seven Daisies in my Kingdom, stored them, and placed them, with no response from the quest. The picture in the quest is of Bellflowers, so I tried the same with them; except I didn't have enough and had to buy one. _That_ gave me 1/6 on the quest, so I bought five more Bellflowers and placed them. The task is now complete.


Like Angie said. I only had one in my kingdom but stored it,placed it, stored it, placed it 6 times and that counts.


thank you Angie


thanks it works


No gasten coronas, no compren. Vaya a su inventario y saque las flores que están guardadas allí. Resulta. Y si no tienen suficientes, use la que tiene, guarde en el sótano, saque, vuelva a guardar, hasta que complete las 6. En el peor de los casos si no tiene ninguna de estas flores sólo tendrá que gastar en comprar sólo 1.


encuentro injusto tener que comprar con coronas las flores. Para los que solo jugamos por diversión y no por competitividad nos están obligando a comprar coronas.


If you have daisies in your kingdom, store at least 1 but as many as 6 and place from your inventory. I only had one and was able to store and place it 6 times and complete the quest without using any crowns. Hope this helps!!


Same problem - thought it may be a glitch . I'm sure I've been able to buy daisys with coins before

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