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4 Level 36 180 people
5 Level 206 170 people

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Light-bulbPets stuck on walls

by Leighann Osborne - Jun 25, 2013 Star_s4,701 views

How do you get pets off the wall?

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Thank you so much, gotcha! :D


oooh, that is a pain in the... well you know where. 

You can't let the pets get into columns that aren't in the middle. When you have saved a pet, the next removal of blocks will determine in what column a pet taxi or a pet drops, so then you can try to choose to remove blocks in the middle. 

Here is a Pet Rescue Saga help Video for Level 30 that shows a successful gameplay.  



NO ONE can answer a simple question ????? How do you get pets off the walls that get stuck on level 30 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Could you please tell me what level you mean, since I do not understand the question. 


what, no one can answer this question ???????

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