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Light-bulbGoogle Chrome Snag Bar disappeared

by Kim Phillips - Jun 25, 2013 Star_s817 views

So, has anyone else's Snag Bar disappeared. I'm using Google Chrome and it was working fine yesterday, but several hours ago, it just disappeared. I checked the extensions and it's not there. The 1 Click extension (add-in) works just fine though. I've re-installed the snag bar 3 times and re-installed google chrome. All my drivers are up to date and I even rebooted my system but nothing has helped. Is this possibly a Facebook issue?

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Please visit the thread linked below and post your Snag Bar issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Especially the large highlighted section at the bottom of the post. Without the information requested there, I may not be able to help you:

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