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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Nanny for Nannies (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Jun 25, 2013 Star_s6,221 views


We may be in the middle of our month-long quest to train a new horse, but we can't ignore our other animals because of it. Specifically, we need to help baby some baby goats. Which means we need to build a Goat Nursery we can use to not only raise baby goats, but train them as well. This new nursery also comes with the Nanny for Nannies quest.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level ?? to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, July 9.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Nanny for Nannies quest along with the Goat Nursery building.




Goat Nursery - Place
Goat Nursery - Place

Rewards: n/a


Goat Nursery - Materials
Goat Nursery - Materials

Rewards: n/a


Goat Nursery - Builders
Goat Nursery - Builders

NOTE: Information about how the Goat Nursery works can be found in our Farm Buildings: Goat Nursery thread.

Rewards: n/a



Nanny for Nannies: 1 of 8 - Goat Grades
Goat Grades
Place Goat Nursery on farm
Make 3 Pies
Harvest 12 Wheat

NOTE: You should be able to make ANY of the pie recipes to satisfy the "Make 3 Pies" task.

Rewards: 30 XP & 300 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 2 of 8 - School's in Session
School's in Session
Collect 5 Wax Apple
Help Barbara 10 times
Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm

Rewards: 35 XP & 350 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 3 of 8 - Classroom Management
Classroom Management
Harvest 4 Olive Tree
Tend Goat Shelter 2 Times
Feed 1 Baby Goat

The "Feed 1 Baby Goat" task is done through your Goat Nursery.

Rewards: 40 XP & 400 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 4 of 8 - Correction!
Collect 5 Blackboard Erasers
Make 2 Iced Fig Cakes
Play with 1 Baby Goat

The "Play with 1 Baby Goat" task is done through your Goat Nursery.

Rewards: 45 XP & 450 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 5 of 8 - Recess
Groom 1 Baby Goat
Make 3 Cornbread
Fertilize 40 Oats

The "Grom 1 Baby Goat" task is done through your Goat Nursery.

Rewards: 50 XP & 550 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 6 of 8 - Home Economics
Home Economics
Make 2 Iced Fig Cakes
Tend Wells 5 times
Harvest 30 Strawberry

Rewards: 70 XP & 650 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 7 of 8 - Pop Quiz!
Pop Quiz!
Collect 5 #2 Pencils
Make 4 Plain Soap
Tend Sheep Shack 1 Time

Rewards: 90 XP & 900 Coins


Nanny for Nannies: 8 of 8 - Graduation Day
Graduation Day
Harvest 45 Oats
Feed 1 Nursery-graduated Goat
Make 4 Pink Pig Toys

Rewards: 120 XP & 1100 Coins

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12-em-plus add reply

NOTE: Information about how the Goat Nursery works can be found in our Farm Buildings: Goat Nursery thread.


I realized the other day, I can put ANY baby goat in the nursery!! And it still only asks for the same things to be done. So... instead of 18 baby bottles for the BABY LaMANCHA!! 150 XP when prized!!


@Jacqueline Smith -


hi i see if you get all 3 goats from the nursery you get orange sherbet seeds completed my 3rd goat yesterday morning & got nothing tried going 2 zynga support but it just redirects me 2 a dodgy site plz can u advise me ty


I have the brush but i can not use it to groom the baby goat and having trouble finding the white rubber balls for the toys ???


I have my goat nursery thing BUT the nanny for nannies I guess is missing!!!!. It was there on side of my screen and then it was gone.HELP!!!! :)


Wow looking at all of the stuff we have to make from the goat toys, the soap to the pink pig toys, it's going to take (at least for me) a good amount of time to get all of these quests done since all of the ingredients require you to ask friends for them. They're making sure that finishing the quests takes more time now lol.

However, it's okay I'll live because I can see myself getting it done thanks to all of the active friends I have met via GU before the time is up :) . It's just that I'm still a bit 'emotionally recovering' from having to nag people for flasks consistently from the bake sale (J/K or am I :/ ) and now I have to do it all over again since it's a main component for both the pink pig toys and the soap!!


@ Sujatha Anand: I imagined


@K Camelia Cosma I had to give out 7 farm bucks to get rid of that.


2 ICED fig cakes is repeating in task 6


So we are stuck in the second task now,because of Barbara thing?Come on!


in task 4, it was 2 iced fig cakes and not 2 fig cakes. I am in task 5 right now. I don't know if it will repeat in the next task.


and oranges, strawberries, onions, eggplant

and Oh..don't forget to water your olive grove and pine trees.


i just saw we are going to have to have lots of pumpkins for teenaged goats milk, so you better start growing those pumpkins!


@Max Maxi - Or, as clearly stated in my reply to this thread: "Images will be added to the above information once the quest is released and I've had a chance to play through the missions."


I can't see the pictures...there is a problem or i have a problem with my pc. bye!


Funny thing happened to me today, this morning i came to my Farm and all was as it should be, my crops were ready, my animal were hungry, so i made my work at my Farm, suddenly a popup came up saying we turned the soil, after the update my rabbit warren was gone and a popup came up saying, build a rabbit warren...:-) so no goat nursery for me, instead i can build a rabbit warren...again....hopefully they will fix it...:-)

greetings from Germany


NOTE: This quest is expected to be released sometime on Tuesday, June 25, but there are no guarantees. Quests are usually released between 2 and 6 PM Central Daylight Time, but can come earlier or later. Images will be added to the above information once the quest is released and I've had a chance to play through the missions. As always, information provided before release of the quest may be incorrect.

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