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Question-whitehow do i make my game screen smaller on farm heroes saga?

by Vonnie Holley - Jun 26, 2013 Star_s1,410 views

i must of clicked on something when i was moving the game down to look at other levels and it made the game so big i cant see it all to play. its too big, i did the ctrl- and it made it a tad bit smaller but not small enuff, can someone tell me how? im using firefox on fb to play the game and its all my games thats big now, my fb hasnt changed sizes just my games are bigger

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Having trouble with Happy Acres right now. Each time I want to sell something when my barn or my silo is full, I can't turn the clipboard. Nor can I view the newspaper because it is so big!


The usual fix should be o click at a white part of the apps page (or up in the blue bar at Facebook), then when you have clicked so that you know that tab is affected, press the CTRL key. Hold the CTRL key down and hit the 0 to get back to normal view for https://apps.facebook.com This fix will work only if all of your FB games have been enlarged or minified. 


Try to right click at the gaming screen, preferrably when you have enetered any level. That gives you some options a little depending on your browser.

(Right clickin g is not a solution for mobile users)


Same here. When the new facebook changes rolled out is when I began having issues. Farm Heroes is the only one affected for me though since I don't play a whole lot of games. My parents have laptops with larger screens and they're fine, mine though (15 inch screen) can't see the whole thing. It sucks too because I'm at level 414 and I'm almost done. *ugh*


I'm having the same problem, it happened a week or two ago. It's also affected my other fb games by king like Candy Crush.

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